September 03, 2016



Hari yang kita lalui bersama
Di Bulungan tercinta
Kulepaskan semua rasa
Memang kita berbeda-beda
Kita tetaplah keluarga
Kavaleri Kaversa

Disini engkau disana
Asal kita bersama
Tak pernah bisa berpisah
Lama atau lebih lama
Asal kita bersama
Tak pernah bisa berpisah

Karena kita Kavaleri
Karena kita Kaversa
Karena satu salam kita
Salam Magenta

Karena kita berdua
Ucapkan janji setia
Ku tak akan berpisah

Hey, good morning everyone.

I'm going to talk about some things that I thought I would never actually write.
I'm going to talk about my high school moments.

So I don't know why but suddenly I just miss those crazy people and I went to search them on YouTube and I stumbled on this. Go on and check it out then you'll know what I mean.

After that video, I just kept on searching. I changed my LINE profile picture into Kavaleri Kaversa's logo. I just miss them so much. And I don't know why.

You might think that I just miss the high school moments. Well, probably, but it's mostly the people though.

Let me tell you a bit about myself back in high school.

I wasn't the famous girl who's like very pretty or on the cheers or dance or traditional dance squad.
I wasn't the most smartest person whom everyone likes.
I wasn't the nicest person.
I wasn't the richest person either.

Mostly I was selfish and inconsiderate.

It was kind of a change if you know how I was at junior high school. I was those kinda rebels. Not too rebelling though but I was almost gotten into real trouble which could lead me to be dropped out of school.

But then I entered high school and the atmosphere was very different then my junior high school. Everyone at my junior high school was being very smart and rich and stuff while at high school was intimidating and friendly.

How do I put this in words.

Kavaleri Kaversa is the most fiercest people I've ever met in the whole world.

We're like a group of misfits while trying to fit each other. We stumble and do stuffs together. We do a lot of stuffs. We got scolded together and yet we also scold anyone together(?). We're close and I'm kinda in love with those atmosphere.

But I wasn't 'anak angkatan' nor 'anak non-angkatan'.

I was somewhere in the middle.

I was there for the big moments of Kavaleri Kaversa but I wasn't there for the little ones. I figured that only the big ones mater since those are the moments that'll always be talked over and over. That'll always be the ones to be remembered.


It's the little things that they remember.

And how funny it is that I wasn't there for the slightly little things.

You see, I use to study at private school and when I entered a public school I was shocked that my scores were that low since the curriculum that I learned was very different. Then I just kept on going to cram school every day doing my studies trying to be smart. I was one of those 'ambis' people.

And I already thought that it was pretty. Realizing that I remember more on lessons then memories I share with my friends.

Don't get me wrong, I also share memories with them. But it was the good ones. Not the bad ones. And the bad thing I meant here is not bad but it's kinda against the rules stuff(?).

I was being the Mrs Goody Two Shoes. Did my homework well. Do extracurricular activities. Join competitions. Become known to the teachers. Got good grades.

I didn't actually get the chance to be naughty.

How do I put this.

I didn't 'nongkrong' like an other my friends. Whenever there's something with Kavaleri Kaversa, I always chose to just sit and wait. I don't act. I don't join the festivals or support my friends on the competition. I study. I stay at home. I watch TV. I go to cram school.

You might thing "It's not a big deal, Win. Please you're just being very weirded out by not being that close to some extremely famous friends at the Kavaleri Kaversa circle."

Well you know what? Probably.

But I do know that's not the point.

The point is, I'm missing the fun that they were having.

And I want to know how fun it was.

Because now, when I sing our songs, when I look at our pictures, when I remember the moments, when I pass our school, when I stumble a part of Kavaleri Kaversa, I want to feel the fun again.

I want more fun.

I want more fun with Kavaleri Kaversa.

Asrama Rumah Kepemimpinan
Saturday, 2nd September 2016
1.23 AM

Salam Magenta.

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