September 04, 2016



There's no secret for anyone that I like music.

I'm the kind of person who likes any kind of music if it sounds good to my ear. Catchy, beat, rock, pop, screamo, I'm fine as long it sounds cool.

Then one day, I found myself dancing to the music at my dorm room and I kinda do a twirl and then I stopped for a moment and looked at the mirror. I stared at myself, realizing how foolish I was looking and laughed it anyway.

I kinda then think to myself about how people at the disco was dancing like whacko with beatful music like the ones that I was listening (it was Closer by The Chainsmoker ft Hayley by the way haha). What made them dance? What made them go to the disco?

Then I kinda shut myself when I figured what's the problem: Alcohol.

Everything seems to be fun with alcohol, right?

Many of my foreign friends kept saying "we need a drink after this" "I'm not sober enough for this" "where's the alcohol, I need some fun" or other stuffs related to alcohol. For them, by being not sober then they could be having fun acting like weirdos and dance as crazy as they want.

Cause honestly if you ever went to a disco the situation isn't as delighted as in the movies.

Thanks to Allah I was given an opportunity to actually went to a disco. One of my life goals are achieved lol.

It was hot because the ventilation was so soaked. The air conditioner can't do a good job since there's so much lights and movements of the people who were dancing and producing sweats. My ears felt a bit cramped because how high the stereo was playing those dubstep songs. I must say, it sounds good, on my earphone. On the stereo and with that high voice, it sounds like crap.

But idk tho that's what I'm feeling when I entered and spend 4 hours there for something haha.

So yeah, alcohol and music does match for a disco situation type.

And I don't know how to end this post.

Oh well haha.

Asrama Rumah Kepemimpinan
Sunday, 4th September 2016

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