August 16, 2016

RKDiaries - Ma First Consequences (and hopefully the last)



Wazap wazap wazap.

Sorry if I've just show up (whilst no one is actually looking forward for this post *crying at the corner* *shuts down this blog* *went abroad*)

Lol sorry for that weird intro(?)

Anyway, this one sole post is for my consequences on my late permission for coming back to the dorm late. The reason is because I was accompanying one of my friend who's being an EP at an AIESEC Project and we kinda have dinner and stuff. The foreigner was about to stay at our dormitory but then she told my friend that she's not really fit and she prefers to be back at her place.

So yeah here's my consequences, enjoy!


-First Task : Personal Opinion on Some Country's Great Habits and Cultures-

Three Lovely yet Weird Stuffs about Swedes and Why I Love Them

God dag! Jag heter Winona, trevligt att träffas. Jag kan inte tala svenska. Jag är ledsen. Adjö!

If some of you didn't actually understand what I'm saying then you may go ahead look it up through google translate. Fyi, it's swedish.

Yes, I did write some swedish words up there but I don't speak swedish. I'm just amazed with their achievement at Independent on this post. According to that post's title - Sweden is officially the 'goodest' country in the world, study says - it made me kinda wanna make an opinion on what that post's saying about Sweden.

If you guys know Felix Ulf Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie, I'm kinda a fan. I followed some of his series and he is a quite good looking guy lol. Felix is a Swede and a proud one. His videos and his personality might show you two things about Swedes generally: weird and nice. Felix is quite known for his absurd ways on commentating a video game and such a scaredy cat he is on playing a video game. He is famous though and there's a lot of posts predicting on how much money he earns for every video and stuff. It's not really important for us bros (that's how he calls his fans) because we do know he's not in it for the money.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic here. I'm going to tell you three weird but yet nice things about Swedes and gave a bit opinion about it.

1. The short working hours
Yep, you read it just right. Most Swedes nowadays only work 6 hours a day (if you minus the one hour lunch break then it's just gonna be 5 hours of work a day). They implemented that by aiming to get more job done in such short amount of time. It's increasing productivity levels and also equalize the work and also private life activities. Many Swedes could do a lot of other interesting activities (such as camping or fishing or other stuffs) without having to lessen their work loads. It's surprisingly going so well in Sweden and more of Swedish companies are trying to implement that policy. I'm not quite sure if it's going to be a national policy but through this thing I learned that Swedes are implementing productivity through it's work aspects. By having less time, workers tend to be more focus and it also decreases those playing-around-doing-nothing-at-the-office situations.

2. Being direct
Swedes are very famous at being direct. They detest small talks a lot. This kind of culture might doesn't suit for everyone but I'm pretty sure every each one of us hates a person who talks a lot but you're not getting any point of what that person is actually saying. Swedes do not beat around the bush, they went through it(?). I read on an article that pleasantries aren't just Swedish specialty, an etiquette expert says. I personally hate beating around the bush and prefers to tell someone how I actually feel. This actually applies on any other communication-related-things that I'm doing such as asking questions or writing a post or discussing something with someone. By being direct, I presume the Swedes are being more 'real' in everyday life. You might heard someone saying that Swedes are tend to be shy and they don't talk much while the real reason is because they don't really see the point on being such talkative in front of some stranger that they don't know. Swedes are efficient and they don't become such flatterers.

3. A Hugging Friend Forever
Lastly, there's this thing called the Swedish Hug. Quoting from The Local's post, this is how it works: talk to any Swede for more than five minutes; they automatically become your Hugging Friend Forever (HFF). From that point on your life, if you ever met that Swede again, you have to hug them every time. And this is serious. I know it's quite weird but isn't it also giving you quite the 'awww' feeling too :") ? From the Swedish hug I learned a bit about how Swedes are actually very friendly and welcome. They just constantly embrace everyone they've ever hugged on their life! Which other kind of bond that could top the power of hug? *playing some slow-mo music at the background*

And there you have it, three lovely yet weird stuffs that made me fell in love with Swedes! There's actually more interesting habits and cultures besides those three such as their punctuality or their love for nature (seriously they really love the nature that much). I hope some of us could actually imply these habits and cultures for a better version of us. Let's start through the HFF, comment below if you're interested(?)! *serious-not-serious* *girls only* *keeping hijab*


-Second Task : Reviewing My Most Favorite Book-

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

My all time favorite book is absolutely the Harry Potter series. It's a complete set of stuffs that I ever wanted from a fantasy novels wrapped in such exciting ways that always made me feel as if I'm actually right there, next to the three, studying at Hogwarts and learning magic with them.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third between seven (yet to be eight) books of the Harry Potter series. This one actually talks about the outbreak set loose of an Azkaban prisoner by the name of Sirius Black. Sirius Black, who was rumored to be one of Voldemort's right hand and also the first reason of the death of James and Lily Potter, Harry Potter's parents, escaped from Azkaban and made the wizard and the muggle world walking on their tiptoes. People then began to talk that the reason Black is out because he's on his hunt to kill Harry Potter since Black wants to finish what the Dark Lord wanted to do.

Potter is now back at Hogwarts for his third year and he started that year in such an unexpected way. He blew up his Aunt Marge and had to move to Diagon Alley while waiting for the school year to start. On his way to Diagon Alley he met the Grim (a huge black dog, a mark for death) and ever since then the Grim is always showing up in certain events of his third year.

When Potter got back to Hogwarts, all sorts of important things are starting to happen. There's the new classes that he took at the end of his second year, Quidditch matches, the attempt of Hermione's cat trying to eat Ron's rat, the Divination teacher that keeps on crying every time she sees him (because she predicted that Potter was going to die), the Dementors problem (because Potter kept fainting every time he met one), the Patronus charm exercises from the new Defense of Dark Arts teacher named Remus Lupin, the Marauders map (which tells every inch of Hogwarts in funny details), the brand new Firebolt broom that was given to Potter anonymously, Hagrid's hippogriff case, Cho Chang's appearance in Potter's eyes (and also heart), and certain appearances of Black as an attempt on trying to kill Potter.

Things were starting to went quite messy but then the time came when Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, and Sirius Black was actually united under the roof of an old haunted shack. Everything was then explained in details as everyone got the answer they're longing for through all those struggles they've been having (except for Snape who's actually dumbstrucked and didn't know a thing).

Black turns out to be Potter's Godfather and he's the one who's been watching him all the time in his Animagi form of a huge black dog. Black also gave Potter the Firebolt and was also one of the members of the Marauders (which consists of four Gryffindors: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter). The Marauders go by their Animagi nicknames as Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Harry Potter finally learned the truth about Black's innocence and is actually happy to find out that he is actually not alone anymore in this world. He now has a family named Sirius Black, his Godfather, who then gave him a letter of permission to go to Hogsmeade since Uncle Vernon didn't give him one because of Aunt Marge's incident.

The book as a whole is quite amazing. This one's actually quite dark then the last two because it brings up the 'death' topic explicitly for a 13 year old Harry Potter. It also talks about revenge through Black's and Potter's point of view in such ways that made the readers felt into that dungeon of hatred instantly. It also teaches about growing up and how to face life. Through all those obstacles and challenges that Potter face, he and his friends managed to also enjoy the little things in life and learn more about responsibility.



No closing statements or whatsoever, it's almost 2 AM! I gotta have my beauty sleep! I need to be up tomorrow morning because I'm on kultum duty and I'll be going on a trip with my Juara!

Thanks for readingg! Kudos! :)

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