July 11, 2016

First Mobile Attempt!



Yeayy I'm writing on my blog again (even though I know it's gonna be short since this one's on mobile and idk how much longer my eyes could hold on this slumber).


I'm still on my homecoming trip (mudik) and right now me and my family are in Bandung. We'll be spending our last night here and we're planning to went back to Bekasi tomorrow night as soon as we finish our business (which is having fun) in Bandung here for another day hehe.

I have pictures of this trip so don't worry my friend I will update as soon as poss I get to my laptop.


I've just finished filling up a data sheet for my Rumah Kepemimpinan stuffs. Haven't tell you about that thing on this blog so I'll tell you on my next post. Um, we, there's this slot on the sheet which contains personal blog link and I just filled out this one out of shame or things and then send it to the executive board.

After that, I kinda just read all my blog's postings in deep thoughts and sincere minds. I kinda regret giving out this personal blog though but I know they need it to supervise my upgrades.

So to the executive boards which might probably reading this post right now, I will tell you some things that you might be disappointed when stalking this blog of mine:

1. I swear. A lot. And it's bad and it's impolite but it's my blog so who are you to judge?!?! Lol no I know that affects my credibility so yeah will fix on those words from now on.

2. I have deep anxiety issues that I only talk with my best friends and this blog. Feel free to read but let's not discuss it when we meet.

3. I make love stories and other stuffs. I ramble a lot. You might find some of these posts being too excessive but that's just how the way things are so yeah welcome aboard on this weird person's personality!

4. I actually tell more of my hateful stuffs then my lovely ones. I'm changing that one though. InsyaAllah you'll see no more hate stuffs here again! I made a promise to myself to fill this blog with happiness because my life is so much more about happiness then sadness or madness or hate itself.

5. I might tell who I liked here.............but that's the past so there's nothing more to it. Want to keep it professional.  Besides I'm not into those dating stuffs so these are just feelings that will not develop to dates, okay?! I want marriage and I stated that here loud and clear.

6. Yeah so this blog's actually contains more stuff about me that you might be surprised to find out. That is okay. This is who I am and I want the world to accept that. I want to grow, upgrade, level up myself to be bet. To not become some kind of curhat blogs again but to actually become some kinda real idea blogs like what I wanted in the first place.

So..........that's it?
Happy reading, dear executive boards!
Hope you'll treat me well after you read them :D

McDonald's Bandung
Monday, 11th of July 2016
01.53 AM

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