June 14, 2016

Full Blast!!


Wazzap guys, it's been awhile now!

Yes, you are correct, I'm super hyped tonight. I just got a lot of this positive energy radiating around me like constantly showering me with all this smiles and laughs and bad puns lol.

Did something happened to me?

Hmm, not exactly.

It's just I'm already on my holiday right now (even though I still got one more Final Term Exam left which is always being postponed by the examiner. Thank God tomorrow's the fixed day of the exam so after tomorrow I'll be totally free) and I have don a lot of things which actually consists of me just enjoying myself doing nothing productive. Simply wasting time.

But hey, let's hear it out first.

So tonight we're actually entering the 9th day of Ramadhan and that means I'll be fasting for the whole day, reading Quran, do a lot of good stuffs, and all those other kindness things you actually do on Ramadhan.

Upon entering Ramadhan, I actually spare a few hours just by me to actually just sleep in peace. And that actually led me to welcoming Ramadhan in a whole new positive vibe (although I actually cried like hell on D-1 Ramadhan because I was stressed on exams that I haven't study for a thing yet my family were taking me out to places). For the following weeks of Ramadhan, besides studying and actually facing for the exam, I had fun. Tons of fun.

My first Ramadhan break fasting was done by myself at the dorm. I was actually calming myself after doing some Physiology Olympiad Tests (yes, it's hyperbolic for a final term exam but I swear the exam was very difficult!) by actually doing nothing. I went back to the dorm, locked my room, opened the laptop, opened youtube, watch things that I love like pewdiepie, markiplier, smosh, jacksepticeye, ted-ed, theellenshow, thetonightshow, and streaming through Billboard's Hot 50 Charts of the week. Damn I was really enjoying the internet for the whole night.

For the next Ramadhan's (Day 2-8), I spent them with people. Not alone and enjoying myself like the first day but actually with people whom their company actually means a lot to me. Here are the lists of days:

Day 2 - I celebrated it with Dhira, Titha, and Venna by ordering Pizzas and Martabak. It was also special because we were giving a surprise for Venna on her birthday which is sooooo late but yeah who cares we give her sneakers so she should be thankful.

Day 3 - It was a Bukber Angkatan Juara! SO MUCH FUN. My stomach was actually hurting a lot but it all pays off with the laughs and companies of other. Us Dhira, Titha, and Venna actually take a picture together and it was off the hook. Venna's face the ultimate joke lol. We also imitate one of our friends' signature pose.
TB's Style
Day 4 - It's Artdictive's Team Building!! Finally got my 50k back lol since I'm actually low on money so it's very helpful to get through these fasting days lol. Here's a picture with the Project Officer, Ikhsan, since we wear the same dresscode unintentionally

Unexpected couple <3
Day 5 - #HalalNYC on @america~. Went there with three of my friends. One from college named Fauzan and the others are my high school friends. Didn't take any photos with my high school friends but since Fauzan is the star of the show so here are some photos of Fauzan enjoying the night lol
Ojan is reading a book about leadership

Ojan is exploring Cigadung through Google Earth

Ojan is being a boss

Ojan is learning about America

Ojan is playing NBA 2K15 on XBOX and we don't know how to play so we just shout random stuff

Ojan is eating the halal boys half and half over rice. It's half lamb and half chicken

Ojan is taking a selfie with me since the cooking demo is about to start

Ojan and I bring back some for sahur!
And a second round of half and half with the both of us. You could say it's quarter and quarter #badpun

Ojan is bread tasting on freebies

Ojan is trying to find his way back home

Ojan is enjoying the busway vibe of Jakarta
Day 6 - Another ISAFIS Gathering with ISAFIS' Alumnae! It's free food and I'm loving it. Plus I get to meet some important people whom sadly some I don't know who they are lol. Anyway I take picts on Choel Mallarangeng's toilet (yes, ikr. so unimportant) and living room to show how cool his house is. I also want a nice house like that one so bad :(
I swear it's very fancy then the way it looks on the pict

Nice big clock with changing lights he's got there

Cool artsy ornaments! (idk what to call those really lol)

The owner and his wife

More expensive art stuffs
Day 7 - Actually did nothing today lol but then me and my friend Fauziah unoccasionally went out for a girls night out talking about tons of stuff. It's crazy how we still got more things to talk until it's almost 23.00. Since I don't have an photos of us together because it's all about the quality time so here's a photo of a cat taking a bath that I took when I waited for her
Day 8 - Mom came to visiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt and it's crazy how she's that happy to meet me whe on the othr hand I actually don't want to meet her (because of some reasons that I will tell you later on). She makes me happy and felt my urge of a mother's love has already been filled by her sole presence <3

Mom's lovely ice-cream (it's literally the only thing she bought that night since all of thee other menus were chosen by me lol

Seems nice, huh?

It is actually nice and I know it will just kept getting better! Ramadhan is so full of bliss and I'm iin love with where these moments are going~

Plus, before Ramadhan, I also have IMATION - ISAFIS Diplomatic Simulation - which is very exciting! The first day is filled with hardwork (running around in boots and even went to the mall in 9 AM just to search for donuts and lunchboxes for the speakers WEARING BOOTS. yep, self five) and also a lot of interesting seminars and talkshows that actually gave me tons of educational information on MUN stuffs. The second day I went for a committee session on the UNODC Council and it was terrific! Representing Indonesia and acknowledged as the sole country that actually have real bad drug problems made me speak up my mind and have friends with people who are smart and stylish with classy formal suits and dresses.

Plus Fijra and Fajar, the two co-founders of our soon-to-be English Club, also joined IMATION and we took a photo together before I head home first since I've got exams the next day. As I went to the UNODC Council, Fijra went to the UNGA Council whilst Fajar went to the UNICEF Council. Later on we will discuss on the things that we learned and share so all of us would get the same knowledge.
Yep, that's right, we are your sole points of personal privileges lol
It's awesome isn't it?!

Plus during those days off I managed to stumble on matpat who owns the filmtheorist and gametheory YouTube channel and actually fell in love with his quirkyness. Such cute guy who done his research right and make such a useful video on those knowledge's he acquires.

Visited cryaotic's channel too. Turns out he's now sick. It's something about his lungs after a surgery on his kidneys. Felt really weirded out by the fact that Cry could also be sick and still posts a video on notifying people that he's actually not well. He asked for some movie recommendations so I gave him some famous Indonesian movies list through his video comment's box. I hope he saw it, watch one, and actually do think it's cool.

I also watch goodmysthicalmorning. There's Daniel Radcliffe and Zach King and Felix Kjellberg.....of course I watch them! Lol despite those people, I actually watch them because they actually brought some interesting contents through some kind of video podcast thingy.

Lastly, I get to play Suikoden II.

This is the thing that I'd like to talk about.

Despite all bad, negative, sad, irritable things that actually also happens on the first week of Ramadhann, I decided to not talk about those and talk about this one sole thing instead.

Yes, I will be talking about an RPG so do not hate me if I suddenly became a nerd to you lol.

I actually have this dream where I actually want to be a Youtuber like pewdiepie, gametheory, cryaotic, and goodmysthicalmorning. All those four combined in one. I want to play games (pewdiepie) but not being seen playing it because I still want the best of both worlds (cryaotic) and I will provide the video with awesome skilled-editing videos (gametheory) that is with the concept of podcast (goodmysthicalmorning).

Yes, it sounds weird. Plus you don't know who those people are. But I'm actually serious about this thing. I want to at least try to be a Youtuber. I want to make a gameplay/walkthrough on Suikoden II (yes, it is a very old game but I love those RPG games more than the ones on the market right now). I just want to do something I love and post it on YouTube so that people would see what I'm doing and give me more feedbacks. I actually wish some people would stumble upon my channel and say "hey I've been looking this game's walkthrough for a while now!".

I'm being serious like dead serious, but I don't know where to start. I know I'll do it but I don't know when and how.

I guess I'll figure it out.

Wish me luck on actually doing this stuff!

I'm super excitedly hyped for this new thing on my life! Is really am going to be on a full blast!


Asrama Universitas Indonesia
Tuesday, 14th of June 2016
9 Ramadhan 1437 H
1.48 AM

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