May 10, 2016

A Day Off


It's always nice to have a day off, right?

Well today is my day off and I actually don't expect this today. I actually planned and think on my day off whether I should go somewhere or just stay at home or such. Whether I'd be really disappear from the world for one day or just not showing up, y'know?

But I didn't planned it for today.

Last night I watched Captain America: Civil War with Venna, Dhira, and also my Mom and my little sister. It was awesome. Truly awesome. No wonder people went #TeamCapt or #TeamStark for a whole damn week. Turns out what they're actually facing-innocent victims that's produced in their combats-is a very important aspect on every superhero's life. Stark acknowledge it and thought that being supervised is the best kind of thing to keep things on its boundaries while Rogers thinks that it's the perks of being a superhero and it is safe to say that every peace has its own price.

If you ask me, I really can't decide which team should I be on. They're both right. They both have their own perspectives, pluses, minuses, and also faith on what they choose to believe on what's right. But if I really have to choose which side should I be on, I'd go with Rogers. As superheros, you need to be an idealist. You can't be told what to do because you're act of doing actually comes from mere sense of humanity. You saw something that is not right and you're there to fix it. You know it might actually get a lot of bad respond or such but you decided to just go with it because your gut knew that it is the right thing to do. Being supervised does gives you boundaries and it does tell you your Dos and Don'ts, but it actually kills your one sole thing called serenity on doing the things that you do on the first place.

But that's my opinion though, it's not what I want to tell you on this post.

I watched that movie at 9.15 PM and we went back home on 12 PM. After I arrived home I decided to just not sleep and do all kinds of stuffs that I should be doing until the sun goes up. I have class on 8 AM and I'm not risking being late by going to sleep on that certain time.

But I didn't managed to stay up all night. I fall asleep around 4 AM and woke up at 8 AM because Venna was banging on my door. I said yeah-just-go-ahead-I'll-catch-up-with-you-later stuff but turns out I went back to sleep. Then I woke up at 10 AM.

At that moment, I laughed on myself.

I missed 2 class that I shouldn't be missing today.
I can't even get a hold on my slumber.
I felt frustrated and also happy for various reasons.

And so I decided
To not go
To class

Yep, it's sudden. I am that kind of sudden person haha. My head went like "screw this shit" and I laughed and sang on how sudden this thing is haha. It's weird, I know! I didn't even planned for this! I'm not ready for this! What should I do on this day off?!?!

Then I kinda had this thought for a while like should I study or should I went to the mall or should I went back to sleep or should I went to the museum or should I ride a bike or should I do my weekly run or should I take pictures in the woods or should I read comics or should I do my chores or should I make something awesome today. I don't know. It's too sudden. I haven't made up my mind on what to do yet.

Plus my body felt kinda warm. I think I need some hugs. Thank God there's Caramel right by my side.

Or maybe I should go to the clinic...


I'm fine.

So what I'm gonna do today is still unknown.

I mean, I think I'll be doing some of the things that I mentioned before but who knows how many checklist that I'll tick? Let's just hope things went well for everyone haha.


11.15 AM
Asrama Universitas Indonesia
Tuesday, 10th of May 2016

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