March 27, 2016

Making Impacts


Tons of things happen on March 2016. I can assure you that.

Firstly there’s this thing called Rujak, which stands for Rumah Belajar dan Kakak Asuh. I joined the trial and felt again the euphoria of falling in love with children. How they act, how they speak, how they clearly show how they feel. It’s genuine and refreshing since it’s been kind of a hell of a ride on my college and organizational stuffs.

There’s a boy named Tio and he’s a playful little kid. He kept telling when one of his friends hits him on his head but hold up against his own anger so that he won’t hit him back. He can’t write, but he likes the idea of writing itself. He copies my writing in a very perplexed way. Sometimes it’s upside down or it’s the other way around. He has his own ways on expressing the things he love. He can’t read, but he gave me three books for me to recite for him.

He reminds me of me when I was little.

Being a child is always fun. You’re still naïve, not knowing how cruel and unfair the world is. All you could think of is how the world evolves around you and you tried to evolve with your own ways. You become your own hero on your own story and you make sure that things would go as how you love them to. Even though it means getting a break when you fight the giant toad so that you could eat your favorite pasta and watch Barney with your dolls.

From there, I decided to apply being a Kakak Asuh for Rujak. Although I have a lot on my plate, I know I could still spare some of my time just to see those looks on the children’s faces again. The plain bright happy face that used to shine my little face. The joyful soul of a child.

Sadly, I was rejected. Figured that probably the committee thinks that I’m too busy with all of these things that made me looked tired everyday.

I also have my first BAKPAO meeting with all of the boards. It’s good to know that you’re actually contributing on some social things. I used to doubt myself for being able to care to some kid that I never met before. Now? I love those moments. Those shy and happy moments when we interact. I cherish every second of it.

Being the vice chief of intervention, I know I have a lot of homework I need to finish. Concepts, guides, clarifications, all those committee stuffs that would just make me worried for no reason at night. But I enjoy this hecticness and I know that it will end beautifully. I know that this too shall pass.

I also went to Pazki. It’s like Rujak but it comes from Nurani not BEM IM FKM UI. The kids there are very energetic and ecstatic. They’re backgrounds as street performers and musicians explain their love to sing and play music. They have quite the taste of humor that could crack you up in any second. They’re witty and also loveable at the same time.

I also have a MUN Camp from ISAFIS. One of my bucket list things: being able to know what MUN is. The MUN camp really helps me a lot on giving out speeches. It also helps me on presenting small stuffs to my friends, making them looking at me with such awe expressions. It helps me to realize that you need some certain type of charm to just negotiate and connect with people with different backgrounds from you. You learn how to lead a pack of wolves, and you learn how to become a great leader through smart discussions.

MUN so far had told me some beautiful thoughts like being structured on saying what’s on your mind in public, choosing the right words and posture when you deal with someone, and also to develop a solution from the topic that we’re trying to solve by discussing more and more on that thing. It’s very fun and I fall in love with it.

IKAHIMAK3I also held a Rakernas on March 2016. Rakernas, stands for Rapat Kerja Nasional, talks about the projects that IKAHIMAK3I will do throughout 2015-2017. I met a lot of new friends with the same background here. We’re all majoring occupational health and safety and it satisfies me when we discuss, we’re talking about the exact same thing on our own campuses. Being the only representatives from OHSC FKM UI, people would ultimately want me to become active and showing them how it is done in UI and how I think of these kinds of stuffs that is still brand new to me and also them.

It’s also fun because I met with someone who’s attracting my mind. This person talks in humbleness and sincere.  He’s kind, sweet, and also funny. He knows exactly what kind of person I am and he knows how to break my walls. How to break that strong and high wall that I build up to keep me away from that one particular thing called feeling, which I thought is very unnecessary in my life.

There are also IMATION meeting, Artdictive, Taekwondo practice, PMB Bidding, and also JMUN meeting. There are also extra classes and super extremely hard college tasks (I’m just being hyperbolic. It’s actually not that hard. I just procrastinate and do it on the deadlines lol).

There are actually tons of things that I want to write here. But I’m confused where to start and how to write it down.

But now here I am. Confused. Staring on the monitor. Feeling super sleepy and exhausted.

The main idea of this post is supposed to be me explaining what does making impacts mean.

But now I’m confused.

Making impacts are one of your sole purposes of living in this world. Once you were born, you made a huge impact on your parents ‘life. They change their habits for you and left some of the things that they love so that they could hang out on the one thing that matters the most than their lives: you.

And you, my friend, need to believe that making impacts are important.

We’ve been taught since elementary school on how to be nice and what not to do and other ethical stuffs that we actually know. Entering high school, you start to defy all those ethical reasons and compromises with the one that fits you. You don’t really matter if it’s ethically bad as long as it benefits you and your well-being.

We’ve been taught a lot of normative stuffs but tend not to apply them to our own lives. We thought that those things are just an FYI on life. We don’t really think that those things matters to us.

Which is wrong.
It does matter.

Ethical reasons are the one thing that made girls could go to school. It made people to believe that gender inequality does exist and made them to do all sorts of actions to exterminate it. It made people to recognize any kinds of bullying towards their children. It made people realize that humanity does exist.

Making impacts are important. You need to make sure that you left some impacts before you leave this world. The impacts doesn’t have to be huge like finding out that the theory of gravity is wrong or such, it could be small like knowing that you married the right person and made them happy for the rest of your lives, giving donations on charity, cleaning up the beach together with your friends, and all those other small nice things that we actually could do on our everyday lives.

If every people on Earth commits on doing one good deed every day, I’m pretty sure the world would get better in no time. People will stop arguing over money. People will stop killing each other. People will stop differentiating other people. People will stop getting hasty on streets. People will do good deeds and those good deeds are based on the ethical reasons.

Pretty sure this post right here is the longest post I’ve ever post until now. Proud of this post though, since it talks about a certain phrase that keeps bothering my mind: making impacts.

I always worry how people would treat me every time I entered a new place. Will they be good to me? Will they think I’m cocky? Will they accept me for who I am? Will they make fun of me? Will they try to change my mind?

It’s the little stuffs that actually every person is worried about. But here I am, thinking that it’s actually a concern for us to think this way.

People should be glad for who you are. You and all of your specialties are the ones that make you become you. Not her. Not him. Not me.

Never try to change who you are just so you could fit in to some place that you wanted to belong. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that there are certain conditions where adapting is not an option and leaving that place is the one sole concrete act you could do. If that place would just destroy your personality and dignity, then leave. Leave before it’s too late.

Making impacts is about leaving something behind to the people you intend to. These people are the ones that you care the most about. These people are the ones that matters the most to you. These people doesn’t need to know that because what matters is what will you left for them not how will they react upon it.

So now, my friends, thrive. Thrive until you know that it is decent for you to leave those certain impacts to them. Thrive until you know that it’s the best you could do for them. Thrive until you know that it’s the end of the line for you. Thrive until you know that you have done your best and they could do the rest for themselves.

We all here matters to each other. So thrive until what matters to you becomes matter to everyone else.


Asrama Universitas Indonesia
Sunday, 27th of March 2016

9.01 AM

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