February 22, 2016

Feeling Alive


21st February is probably the most highlighted day on my college life until now.

Why? It's the day where I just forgot about everything that made me whine since the first time I enter the 2nd term of college.

For me, it wasn't like coming back home. It was like adapting to more and more of situations that keeps on tickling me on every situation that is made. That's why I was so sick of all the changes and started to question that if there's anything that still stays the same until now, either it was good or bad. Fortunately, I didn't found any. Everything changes. Everyone changes. And that change thing that I was sick off was actually started by myself on the first hand. I myself also changed and I forgot how major the changes I've been through. Guess it's time to start setting up my mind on things that really matters the most to me then complaining about those stuffs at the first place :)


Probably should've tell you on what happened on 20th February first so I can connect it with this current lively feeling I'm on.

Saturday, 20th February 2016. I started my day by waking up super late and because my body wasn't really feeling so well. I knew I was not in my greatest conditions and said to myself that I need to take a rest on that day and the next day so that I'll enter college with an optimal stamina.

Turns out I was that ill. I did my work physiology paper with so little power and effort and that made my whole day spent on the bed, cursing and learning more about the topic that was given. I was really upset on how I get ill so quickly, considering it's just my second week of college life.

Oh yeah. I forgot something. At the morning, one of my friends stated that he's just ran around the dorm territory and is now resting on my friend's dorm room, He then asked the group to run tomorrow early in the morning at the National Monument aka Monas and suggested we depart on 6AM. I was ecstatic. But then I realize that I wasn't really feeling well and my body also show vital signs of needing more rests. I said I'll come anyway but also told them that I was ill so that I could give them the excuse on not coming on the next day in case I was still on my low point for the next morning.

After doing work physiology from 12PM to 18PM (yes, it was that long because I was ill, procastinating, and planned to quit this course every 10 minutes). Then I spend the next 2 hours by watching a movie and managing some college stuffs on my phone.

FYI, it was so damn hectic.

You see, I got this 2 committees  that I signed up for on my first week of college. Both of them are from ISAFIS and it was kinda major. But again, I looked down on it since I'm only a media partner for JMUN and a treasurer on IMATION.

Don't get the wrong ideas, those two events is very important and busy. I was looking down on the commitments I was given, which is bad for the event and my own accountability. Those two events wasn't really my thing and I joined one of it just because I thought I would be so lame if I didn't contribute for one of ISAFIS' major project of the year. But don't worry, I'll make sure hat I gave my best effort on those two committees so that I can prove ISAFIS that they didn't took the wrong person to their circle.

Then, a wild card appears.

I was chatting with a Sosmas BEM IM FKM UI 2016 staff and she said that she wanted me to be the PIC of Intervention on the next Bakpao. They say I'm the best person they know for the job and they know how great I do on becoming the LO of Intervention on the previous Bakpao. The excitement adds up when she called me and turns out there's like 4 of the staffs that's discussing on my credibility. They called me for a quick and friendly interview (since they're my friends, duh) and reach the point of being really happy that I wanted to be the PIC at the first place.

Hence, now I have 3 committees on my back. And also 3 organisations to contribute in.

To make things more fired up, one of my friend also chatted me and said that I'm a PIC for Artdictive's Stand Up Comedy competition. I did signed up for it since I was thinking that I had nothing to do on college because most of my activities were done outside of campus and it was my first committee on campus offer so I guess it kinda means a lot to me. So I said yes (because she kinda like begged me to be on the team since it's so hard to find people who wants to contribute on such small campus event) and added another responsibility to my college life.

Hence, 4 committees and 3 organisations that I need to spare my time for.

Then, one of my closest friend asked about the offer that he proposed to me: becoming his Logistic Staff on this year's Peduli Desa. Sadly I need to turn this offer down because logistic isn't really my thing and I had like 4 committees to think of right now?!?! It was kind of his fault anyway since I told him to ask it to me on Friday but he asked me on Saturday. If he asked om on Friday, I'd say yes and probably rejected the next two committees that was offered to me on that day.

Listing up the responsibility that I signed up for, kinda knew that I would be staying up late for the rest of this college life. Probably would also fall to some short range flu or those kinds of sickness because of lacking of rests and sleep. I signed up for it. I should give my maximum effort on all of those stuffs.

So here's a list of all the shit I need to take care on 2016:

  1. As a Staff of ISAFIS' FAIR - Institutional Division, I should arrange a company visit to a company that's multinational and cares on the youth's power for the sake of a better world.
  2. As a Staff of Nurani FKM UI 2016's Syiar Media Department, I should made Nurina - Nurani in Absurdity/Action/AnyotherAsthatmightsoundcooler every month and produce, edit, also post the damn video on youtube every month. I'm also in charge of the twitter feeds which is always updated on Saturday 8PM for my department's projects.
  3. As a Chief of Advocacy 1st Territory, I still don't know what I'm suppose to do. Really. This organisation's plan is by far just to hangout on 5th of March to discuss more of our job descriptions throughout the year.
  4. As a Media Partner on 2016's JMUN, I need to contact every media partners that's willing to give some of their money and time for this huge event. I also control the things that they should and should not know. I also make calls and appointments. I'm supposed to be busy and here I am being busy with other stuffs. Forgive me kak Malikah, kak Zolan, kak Titi, and kak Alisya. I have let you guys down :'(
  5. As a Treasurer of this year's IMATION, I control the money (duh). I control the incomes and expenses. I need to list every money that is used. Thankfully we haven't really discuss this committee further since thinking about holding that much money on my hand would only made me feel sacred of losing a penny of them. It's not my money and I am in control of it. Need to restrain myself on doing foolish acts and keeping a steady eye on those numbers.
  6. As a PIC of Intervention of this year's Bakpao, I need to make a certain schedule, concept, and more of those stuffs that I forgot for the new college students so that they could develop their own way of delivering interventions to the children and their parents.
  7. As a PIC of Artdictive's Stand Up Competition, I need to watch the rules and probably audition some of the contestants first hand. I don't really know. The job description wasn't really clear.

Hence, that's my college life activities that is super tight and busy. Between those tasks I also need to wash my clothes, iron my clothes, tidy my room, do college assignments, and more of the things I need to take care of.

I signed up for this. I will give my best on every each one of them.

Commitments are huge and risky, but I signed up for it.  I need to finish the job well, no matter how small the commitment is.

Kudos to me.

Back to the real story I wanted to tell you. After finishing all those committees stuffs, I head down to grab some food to eat and gone back to my room to eat it while watching the movie that was suspended. Then, on 22PM, I head back down to return the eating utensils and paid for my meal.

After paying, I realized that there's Dean, one of my gesrek friends, who's doing some college stuffs on his laptop with really exhausted face on those damn cheek bone figures. I said hi and sat next to him. We then exchange stories on our college activities and also laugh about it a lot. We also watch some dumb videos on youtube just to laugh it off and make fun of it, relieving all the stress we've gotten into ourselves.

We talked until 1AM and decided to go back to our dorms. I was getting ready to sleep so that I could wake up early in the morning so that I could join the run. Turns out, I chatted with Dini, a friend of mine, who wants me to pick her up on her station so that we could run together. I said yes and that just confirmed my attendance on tomorrow's super dadakan event.

I slept at 2AM and leave a message on my group to wake me up early on subuh. Iyan called me on 5AM and I checked my phone lalala and I fall back to sleep, Iyan called me again on 6AM telling that Rizal's waiting for me at the canteen so that I could go to the station with him together. I hurry changed my clothes and put on my running shoes then ran to Rizal and apologize for being unpunctual.

As we get to the station, we met with Iyan and Budhy. Fawwaz is at the other station since he thought there were more people coming. Turns out all of them didn't wake up early and one of them was also forbidden by her parents. Poor Fawwaz waiting for something uncertain :'(

So I grabbed the train first and head to Tanah Abang to get Dini. Fawwaz eventually gets on the same train as me so we began our journey to the hectic Brother Land. After getting there we transfered to another lane that will take us to Pondok Ranji, the place where I will pick up Dini. When we get there, Dini had already waited for us and then we continue our journey back to Brother Land and exchange our lanes back to Manggarai.

On our way to Manggarai, Dini then said that it's best for us to stop at Sudirman station and walked thorugh Monas. She said it wasn't that far and she's been on that road. We said yes and exit on Sudirman station. Hence, we met herds of people going from or to Monas and also a lot of exciting views like colorful strings, skyscrapers, a dog that looked exactly like a doll, skateboarders, ondel-ondel, tahu bulat cart, construction sites, and tons of cool stuffs on our way to Monas. We were walking up to Plaza Indonesia and then decided to jog until Monas. I didn't jog all the way through though since I'm not feeling really well and my right feet felt sore :(
Beautiful Pinkish Strings on our way out of Sudirman Station

The Boy who Reaches Out

More colorful strings :D

Artistic POV by Fawwaz

First Skyscraper Approach

Herds of people going to Senayan

Was trying to take a picture but then Mr. Ondel-Ondel approaches and asked for money. I'm also low on money too, sir :(
 Then, as we get to Monas we were welcomed by this Arjuna Wijaya Statue.
Then we gather to more of our friends that already ran around the Monas' Park. There's Iyan, Budhy, Rizal, and Fauzan. After gathering around, we head back to the Monas Park just to sit around and talk about random stuffs.

First View

More People

Fawwaz trying to take a snap of us from the back

The Graceful National Monument. Do you know how hard it is to take this picture with such graceful auras around you :')

(Just for your information, there will only be two more picture and then it stops there since my phone's battery is 10% and Fawwaz used up all of my powerbank's power. If I got more pictures from Dini or Fawwaz I'll upload it down below. Apologise for the unprofessional-ism.)

We continue our journey to Ragusa Es Krim Italia! What's funny is Iyan remembered that I want to bring them here and I forgot lol. Anyway since we're very low on budget so we bought like 3 kinds of ice creams and Iyan himself ate gado-gado because he was starving.

After the so-called-meal-slash-breakfast, I told them that we need to go to Kota Tua. I was thinking on how rare we're in Central Jakarta so I thought that it's best for us to explore Kota Tua and it's ancient surroundings. Luckily they agreed and off we go to Jakarta Kota station via the KRL.

When we arrived at Kota Tua, two words describes that place perfectly: panas dan rame (hot and crowded). I kinda regret taking them there because it wasn't as nice as it was when I was in Junior High. The place changed a lot.

Since it's already dzuhur so we decided to search for a mushollah. We stumbled on a mushollah but it was like super spooky so we decided to search for another one. The next musholla had a sign that says "Musholla Betawi" which made me think that there might be something unique of betawi-ness on it. Turns out the musholla looked like a dump :( I was devastated by the surroundings: a person talking about religion out loud behind a pilar, the roofs that was broken, the sajadah that didn't smell good, a guy smoking inside the musholla, cockroaches, and more things that made me felt uncomfortable.

After the sholat, we head to eat. We stumbled on a padang foods kiosk and the man that sells it have this unique style of promoting his kiosk, by such high intonation as if he was mad or angry to a certain something.


Yeah probably it sounded like that lol.

Anyway me and Budhy ate Soto Betawi, Dini ate Mie Ayam, Fawwaz and Iyan ate Lele Penyet, and Fauzan ate Ayam Penyet. Before I eat, I bought a 1 liter of water on Indomaret for 6000rupiahs since the 600ml of water on the abang-abang was 5000rupiahs. I need a lot of water because my throat begins to get sore and I need to keep it wet so it won't get more sore.

After the lunch, we went to Museum Bank Indonesia or Bank of Indonesia's Museum. We went there because it was that hot and we need an air conditionered room. Since the fee is free we were ecstatic and make our way through the museum.

The museum talks about the history of Bank of Indonesia itself and how big is it's role throughout history. It was awesome and cool. My last visit there was when I was on Junior High so there's a lot of things that I forgot. We explore every inch of the museum and really had a great time there. Super fun. Wish to visit that place once again with more time since we went there near the closing hours :')

After the museum, we pray ashar on it's masjid. The Bank of Indonesia's Masjid is so elegant I even loved the atmosphere it gave to me. Peace, clean, and sleepiness. Maybe it's because we were that tired after all the running and train trips.

After that we went back to Jakarta Kota station all the way to Pondok Cina station.

The boys being tired as fuck (sorry for the language)
The girls being happy and lively
When we said goodbye, me and Rizal went back to his motorcycle's parking lot. Turns out his motorcycle is locked by the security. I called Iyan to pick me up and get me back to my dorm while Rizal went back with one of his friends. As I get to the dorm, I head to the canteen to buy food and went right back to my room, changed my clothes, and throw this body to the bed. I have reached my limit. My throat is killing me, my legs are stiff and painful, my head is filled with ultimate dizziness, and my eyes just simply wanted its portion of sleep.

I finished my college assignments and watch a movie and eat my dinner while laying on bed. I am that exhausted. I can't move my body for unnecessary movements. To be really honest, I can't move my body at all. Since there are things to do so I forced my body to move but only for such urgent things.

And I fall asleep after completing those tasks. And now I'm awake writing on my blog about my two days.

I'll be tidying up my room and taking a long and neat shower after this. I've got a class on 10AM and I haven't prepared anything for it. Please do wish me the strength so I could thrive another hectic day. My voice is gone and my throat is so ruining this day. Maybe I'll head to the University's Clinic in the morning so I won't be that sick throughout my college days.

I was planning on fasting today :( but my conditions didn't fit me well. I hope Allah understands.

Asrama Universitas Indonesia
Monday, 22nd of February 2016
4.25 AM

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