January 23, 2016

Reaching Out


A lot of things happened on 21st of January. Major decisions that’ll affect my future life were made on that day. That day was a big day.

As usual, I write on this blog with somehow this chatty-tweety-girly style that I myself don’t even know why it sounded like that. Maybe it’s my writing style. Maybe it’s how things go on in my head. Maybe I am just being girly.

Started of the day with Dad needing help on his module with a focus topic on “Selling Skills for Bankers” and which lead me to visiting the University of Indonesia’s Library. Along the way I kept thinking on how I don’t really understand about some certain stuffs but Dad said I need to keep looking out for some great selling books to be his base theory for his module. And so I went on my search and was intending to do my very best. When my Dad needs help, I give a 100% effort to help him. Let’s just say that’s how I say thanks to him by saving up my ass form being a doctor in another University which happens to be in the same area.

Along the way I was kind of pissed by one of my friends who got recruited on a Home Town Project. We both applied and he was accepted. I don’t know what kind of luck or decision God’s making but this morning I was upset of that thing. I even question myself on what things do I lack of and why does he keeps getting accepted on any kinds of events he’s applying to? (Don’t get this wrong, but this person that I’m talking about have some great leadership skills and an awesome set of experiences listed on his CV. I was being upset, anxious, and excessive.)

When I was about to enter the elevator to the 3rd floor on where the thesis and dissertations is located, a bunch of students went out of the elevator and I recognized one face. I knew I saw him somewhere but I wasn’t very sure. He was wearing this nerdy type of glasses which is very in nowadays so I’m pretty sure he might be just some guy I use to walk by randomly when I visit the library. Then, I saw him. My senior on junior high school standing behind that person–that–I–thought–I–know. Turns out they were friends and they’re heading out of the elevator on that moment.

I found myself gazed upon him for 5 seconds and quickly looked away. Part of my heart wants to say hi but the other part of it was worried about my outfit that I wore. So I looked away, waited for that group to leave the elevator, went inside the elevator, and smiled like a fool.

You have no idea how he meant to me.

His name is Radhiyan Pasopati Pribadi. He has always been the coolest person I know since junior high school. His passion on cinematography made him what he is right now, curious, smart, cunning, and open minded. I’ve always considered him as a mentor since I knew him and I guess he would do the same for me (…I guess). He joined the AFS program and went to America for a full year. When I saw his picts on his tumblr and twitter, all I could think of is how he managed to get to that position that he’s standing right now. I know the answer, but I was just looking for some more luck-factors that made him different to me, giving excuses to my lame self so I could do whatever the hell I was about to do again.

When I went out of the elevator, I can’t stop smiling. “It’s him!” I told myself out loud, “I can’t believe it.  It’s really him! Oh Allah, he made my day.”

Thanks to him, he lightened up my day and made it to be one of the finest mood boosters that I’ve received.

Shortly, I went back to my Dad’s office after I’m done with the library. On my way back to Dad’s office I was stumbled upon the thoughts of an upcoming open recruitment of BEM aka Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (Student Executive Body). I know I’m going to apply on BEM but suddenly I was confused by the territory that I’m choosing. At first, I was set to apply on BEM UI, leaving BEM FKM’s open recruitment to my other friends. I felt confident on entering the Sports Department and I know what my challenges are. But then, one of my friends frequently had an issue on his college tuition fee and I was helping him out on figuring what to do on his behalf. Then, it hits me. FKM probably still needs me.

I know I sound a bit immature but that’s how things were going on my head that day. Okay?

I thought that probably FKM (it’s my faculty anyway, Faculty of Public Health in short) still needs my help. I was an intern in Adkesma. Adkesma’s a department on BEM FKM that focuses on the student’s prosperity when they are attending college. Adkesma helps the student on advocacy, scholarships, and even solving little problems that a student on my faculty is facing. With this kind of event that’s happening, I thought that maybe FKM still needs my help on maintaining the prosperity of its students.

Luckily, I chat with the chief if BEM FKM, the chief of the Adkesma BEM FKM department, and also one of my bestfriend who’s great on self-reflection and solving these kinds of problems. Every each one of them gave their own opinion but my friend’s opinion was the greatest one I’ve ever heard.

“Check your passion, vision, and also mission when you’re entering an organization. If they fit you, you may proceed. If they don’t fit you, don’t apply. Don’t even apply even if you know you’ll be given a lot of pluses if you join that organization. Remember, not doing what you love will just make you tired and unsatisfied.” Kelvin, your future nutritionist – 2016.

Let’s just skip the entire thankful and mindblowing thing that I experienced on that problem. InsyaAllah, I’ll be applying to BEM UI’s Sport Department. Please wish me luck on fulfilling my passion J

On the evening, when I was waiting for my Dad on his office, I watched a lot of The Tonight Show’s videos on youtube. It was entertaining, especially on Ryan Reynolds’ Water War with Jimmy Fallon video. That one just cracks me up.

To add my excitement, I got info from kak Audita on my acceptance on being a kakak asuh for Jalan Jalin 2016! Happiness! I’ll be blogging about my days on being a kakak asuh here so watch out for more, eh?

(To kak Audita who’s probably reading this, I’m sorry for my unprofessional act on 22nd and 24th of January. I promise I will make it up to the kids and other kakaks too. I apologize with all my heart.)

I guess that’s all for now. I also got an interview on ISAFIS tomorrow which affects on the Jalan Jalin schedule. I’m feeling ultimately guilty right now and I just don’t know how to react. I want the best of both sides so I guess I need to sacrifice a little of my time for the kids. I apologize, kids :”

Home Sweet Home

23rd of January, 2016

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