January 25, 2016

Grand Opening


Today is the Grand Opening of Jalan Jalin 2016!

I'm super excited. I can't wait to be a Kakak Asuh. I'm looking forward for the cute innocent children that'll looked at me and ask questions and share their stories with me. Can't wait any longer.

Let's skip to the "ngaret"-ness of Indonesian. The event started around half five PM and everyone was already tired of waiting (so am I haha). The event starts with some formal speeches on Jalan Jalin and also Sayap Dewantara, a little Simon Says game, Host Family and also the children's introductions, and also the "Grand Meeting" of Kakak Asuh and their beloved Adik Asuh :)

It's kinda funny because we (Kakak Asuh) had our eyes closed with some cloth and waited there for the children to read a letter and also the description of his/her Kakak Asuh soon to be. After three of those things, then all of the Adik Asuh will find their own Kakak Asuh and meet with them for the first time.

Funny and also weird story here. When I saw the children came in my mind goes like "Wow, she's cute," "He's very funny," "OMG he's chinese!" and all other normal stuffs just flew straight to my head. Then, I saw a slight overweight girl with a nice smile and shiny dark skin and my mind went "Oh, she's fat. But she's cute. But she's fat. Better not to be paired with her cause it seems that she'll be slow when it comes to running after things."

I know, that's mean.

Well at least now I know that karma existed.

Yes, I am paired to that little girl. Her name is Neni. I kinda misheared her name and called her Lenny for like three times (I'm sorry Neni for letting you down L ).

When she touched my hand and greeted me warmly, me – the sarcastic unlucky devil – knew right in a second that she's my Adik Asuh (because of her big and firm hands, if you didn't know what I meant). I opened my blindfold and immediately smiled to her while feeling ashamed to myself for such childish and racist act. Allah does works in mysterious ways, haha.

After some more introductions, medal giving to the Host Fams, committees, children, and Kakak Asuhs, story telling, singing along, then it's time for another game.

The game is simple. three of us (Kakak Asuh, Adik Asuh, and a Host Fam member) stood on a piece of newspaper and struggled to kept standing on it whilst the newspaper is being folded into smaller areas which will give less room for the people who's standing on the newspaper.

My team consists of me, Neni, and Raka, the son from the Host Fam that Neni's crashing in. Before the game started, Neni started to cry and said that she missed her mom. I hugged her and told her that everything's going to be alright and she needs to enjoy the view right now. I also told her that she could share some more stories to the Host Family and also me, as her Kakak Asuh on Jalan Jalin. Luckily, she managed to keep herself strong and went through the game with laughter.

After that there's just some other things that  I kinda forgot. Maybe I got the schedule queue wrong, I don;t know. I'm very sleepy right now haha. I guess that's all for tonight, I need to be on 7 AM sharp tomorrow and also the next day and the next day and the next day  and the next day too. So, yeah. Really need to go to bed right now.

Asrama Universitas Indonesia
00.33 - January 25th, 2016

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