November 22, 2015



Here's the thing, everyone changes whether you like it or not.

Most of my friends were being too naive they thought that we won't change even though we went to the same school play with the same friends all over again. Everyone changes. I do, you do, he does, she does, that boy who you likes also changes.

Recently I've just finished reading a manga called Ao Haru Ride. The story's about a girl who likes a boy back at junior high school. the boy also likes her back but eventually they're relationship never went anywhere since the boy moves to another town. They meet again at high school and both of them weren't the same person as they were on junior high. The girl went from super feminine and soft to this weird and absurd girl who eats a lot and acts all boyish. The boy went from super nice and warm to this cold and rock-hearted boy who gets blunt to everyone. Eventually lots of things happen and they realize that their feelings were still the same and leas back to them being in love all over again.

I know, it's a shoujo manga. It always ends perfectly.

But life isn't always like that.

Life is this gigantic rollercoaster ride where it just keeps on going, giving surprises to you and expecting you to deal with it nicely. You never know what's coming, you never know how to deal with things since you've got no life101manuals, you never know how the outcome will effects on your progress. Unlike games where you get achievements when you do great or probably stupid things, those achievements were mostly earned through the things that you weren't meant to do in the first place.

Being one of the Basketball Committee on OlimpiadeUI is one of the example. I thought I was going to be friends with guys who understands basketball a lot and learn about great leadership skills from the Chief Committee. Turns out I learned to do my college tasks first in hand so I can focus on my duties at the field, learns about the technicals of a basketball game from the referee, and learn great leadership from UI's Chief Department of Sports than my Chief Committee.

Life is full of surprises. Be prepared. Surprises are always there in every corner.

Set you goals as high as you can. Life might break it down to pieces and gave you litttle bits of it, but in the end life always gives you more.

I know what I'm writing right now is probably the most bullshit post I've ever post since ever. I don't even know what my motives are until now.

"Life is only what you make it now," - Miley Cyrus (The Time of Our Lives)

Speaking of Miley Cyrus, look at her. I liked style her back when she became Hannah Montana. She's all cute, rock-styled, country, sweet girl. She was my role model. I literally wanted to be like her and Lizzie Mcguire, having another life and having the best of both worlds. Geez, they sang so cool and they have these amazing friends and outfits.

Looking at the present Cyrus, I kinda understand how she feels though. Chances that she was told to act up all girly and cute by the Hannah Montana crew are like 98% so when Hannah Montana's over surely she can be any person she wants to be. She choose to be chaotic, absurd, weird, person with a slight better fashion taste then Lady Gaga on her The Fame album.

Still, I liked Cyrus' songs now than the Hannah Montana version. Her songs now speaks her mind. Her music style is also cool. I like her better already. I just don't have to see her perform live cause I'll be sick by her 'vulgar' performances like twerking.

The main point is: everyone changes. Whether it's minor like my grades *sobbing inside* or major like Cyrus. Depends on how you deal with those problems that came to you, the decisions you make also affects on your personality.

I used to think I would love a save button at life. I could just reload on my previous progress when I felt I did bad on life. The thing is, I'll be revisiting the past so much and change my future quite a lot in anykind of aspects I was affecting. That's totally bad. Life is about moving forward, not making the past great but making the future awesome.

Only Allah and I know the reasons why I typed the previous sentence. It's so weird I'm even laughing right now.

Well good day to you all. I'm heading back to my life now. Don't quit life. Cherish the moments. You're only living it once so make it worth your while :)

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