October 03, 2013

Exiliens - 5


“Stop this entire disaster!” I shout out loud, “I can’t stand this. What’s all of these confusing things? They’re blowing my mind off!”

Lyra puts his hands to my mouth with a long shushing sound. Whatever she’s doing, I’m now staying silent as I could.

“I know something who’ll explain everything for you. But please, enough being annoying. Just listen and understand.”

She stands up and leaves Muneris, leaving me behind too. I immediately catch her up so I don’t get left behind. I don’t know this place and the only person I’m willing to put my faith beside Herman is her.

She reaches my hand as I’m going closer and pulls me hard when our hands met. We’re running so fast. I looked how everyone sees us but they didn’t pay any attention. They stood still and weren’t moving any inches. We’re running in time.

We stopped in front of the same skyscraper like before. There’s a big sign at the top written ‘EXILIENS’ with bright red colors. Exiliens looks so dirty. It’s like rusty and scrapes everywhere. As we enter Exiliens, it’s not like the previous skyscraper. We’re not meeting a room filled with buttons and a tube, we’re like entering a whole different dimension. I’m literally in hell. I see red flames everywhere, lava and fire bursting out of nowhere. I think I might catch sun radiation here.

I wanted to ask Lyra where am I but before I could, she snaps her finger and all the fire disappear. The fire burst turns into fountain, red flames were just monitors and flowing lavas were just some line of food trays.

“That was just imagination of mine, I like surprising people all the time,” Lyra said as we walk towards the monitors, “You do know us reality wrappers could present our thoughts through someone’s mind right?”

No, I don’t! I goggled my eyes out, so my power wasn’t only going back and forth to time? Please tell me more about what I don’t know.

Lyra pressed a monitor and a hole comes out of the metallic ground. Then an electric sound comes out from the monitor: Miles or Vitium code, please. “Lyra level 05. And a new guy to be registered. Code Black-99.” Code accepted. Permitted to come aboard.

Lyra throws me into the hole with some sincere laugh, I tried to shout but the bright green laser distracts it. It scanned my whole body. My eyes, my hair, my feet. I felt like naked.

I fall to a trampoline and jump myself to a black room. I can’t feel my heartbeat or even my steps instead. It’s like walking in a dead time. I feel no air or ground, it’s a total blackout. Lyra then touched my shivering palms and holds it tight.

“What you’re truly looking will be shown. This is the vault of emptiness. This helps you to see back and to understand what you don’t understand. Since you’re new, I’m going to help you with my abilities. Remember, just listen and understand.”

I begin to blink repetitively. This darkness makes wild colors appearing. All those colors formed a formation of a picture, a moving picture. It’s not HD, but it feels realistic.

I saw a little boy running fast. He‘s absolutely drowned in men who’s also running through the meadow. Battle of Gettysburg 1863. That was me. Where’s mom? Little me stopped running as a woman fell in front of me. Her mouth was saying a sentence I’ve been hearing my whole life. Run. Run and be safe my son. And don’t you ever come back. Little me cried and hugged her tight. I can see me saying ‘I’m not going without you.’ thing. Then a silver bullet flew next to the boy’s right ear and went straight to the woman’s chest. She died instantly and fell to the ground. The boy shouted in her ears, tears streaming down his eyes. His eyes begin to glow bright as he stood next the woman. The rage, the anger. Suddenly his hands strike a beam blast and blew the entire meadow. Everything turned into ashes, except him. He was protected by the ground, forming some kind of shield of him and the woman. Afterwards, he dropped himself to the ground and breathes his last breath.

Suddenly fire flames blasting through and change the whole view. The flames were a man’s hair. It was flaming red with a shaggy haircut. He looks kind of smart.  His glasses were as square as his jaw and his freckled cheeks blushes every time a light hits on it. He wears a white lab coat, seems like some kind of professor.  I spot his name tag on his left chest, Matyszczyk M. The name sounds familiar, I said to myself. The man was working on some strange thing. There’s two bars connected with a glass on a round stage. I saw hundreds of cables plugged to an old generator and that thing. The whole white laboratory wall was written with formulas and one word every corner, Recogita. The man started to stand in front of the old generator and strikes the same beam blast – as the last boy did – to the old generator. The cables started to burst out real flames and burned the two bars into ashes. Strangely, the glass floats and formed a back portal. The electricity went down and so does the man’s power, but not the portal. It keeps glowing bright blue rays and made that sucking sounds. The man was amazed, and so did I. As he was about to reach his hand into the portal, a fist bump flies to his eyes and made him fall to the ground. The portal vanished in a moment and the glass broke into pieces as the gravity pulls it back. A candle appeared out of the dark. The man was lifted by two men in white robes with an eye illustration on the center of their backs. His glasses were broken and bloods streaming down his broken nose. The candle holder also wears the same robe as the two men but his hood was lifted backwards. I couldn’t see his face but his bald head was half scaled like a reptile. I read his lips and he said ‘Bring him back to Mason.’ The two men haul him carelessly and followed the candle holder.

The memories changed to a dark place. The soppy smell that fills up the hot air tingles my senses. I smell fear through this cold cave’s walls. The cave is lighted with a few torches, approximately ten torches on each side, fifteen meters apart. The man was handcuffed in a middle of a square formation of men on the same white robes. He was yet more messed up then he was back on his laboratory. He’s definitely tortured before he got here. He’s herd to a round room and placed in the middle. He has no more strength as he just falls straight down. The bald headed man comes in with a golden dagger.

‘The same bloodline is important for our organization. Even for rascals and lab mice, our union still commits loyalty from our own kind. That’s why, with your brilliant mind and loyalty is very important right now or else this dagger of lost brother souls will join your blood also your soul. So Michael, are you still loyal to your union?’

And then, my mind was shocked. Literally shocked. An electric current flows into my head as I was struck by lightning. Well yet, I was.

I fall through another hole and discarded to the monitors again. There, stands Herman with his black eyes that terrify me as hell. Lyra then fall through the same hole I fell from. She falls like a ninja with pose and flaming green hands ready to attack. She struck a blast to Herman’s head but a thunder came out of his hands absorbing the blast. Before Lyra could say a word, Herman struck a thunder cloud to her head and made her screaming for a while.

“Stand up, kid. You need to be ready for your first Miles Level Training. Now ask me questions that still bugs your head fast before she cast that silence spell to you again,” Herman said as he pressed another monitor and type words into it.

“Well, umm… What’s with the atomic ping-pong ball? And why am I not dead?”

He deletes the entire code and rewrites it down, “The atomic ping-pong ball is one of the weapons made by the War craft for my group, Mind thunder. It’s only activated by the touch of my group so Dani, your father must’ve touched it. I assume you’ve knew how you died on Battle Gettysburg 1863 so it’s because of your powers making force shield to protect yourself.”

I thought for a while, “My dad is like you? He’s a mind thunder?”

“Yup,” he presses the monitor once and another hole shows up next to him, “do you got anything left to ask before we go to Miles Level Training?”

“Yes! I’m not protected by the land like on the battle. I was bounced to the sky. Lyra told me that I am a magister – double powered or something. What about that?”

“The Magister is a term of a double powered Miles. I don’t know how it happened but I’m sure its somehow connected with the time machine you made from your previous life. You have two powers, reality wrapping and wind control. I came to your house as fast as I could when Vitium Unus told me about you knowing your second power. That’s why I brought you here instantly. So, don’t worry about your blown up house it’s all fixed.”

Herman snaps his finger and the thunder cloud on Lyra’s head’s gone. He then walks into the hole and we followed him too. As I saw the Miles Level Training sign on the tube walls, I’m expecting a cool work out place filled with obstacles and probably some more volcanoes. As I stand back to the ground, I saw a much better view.

It was the most catastrophic view I’ve ever seen.

Thunders and storms fight through a twirling tornado. Some girls that turned into a hydra together as one of the boys slap their buttocks. The boy itself turned his hand to a sword and chops one of the hydra’s head. A girl with root hands who throw spines to everyone who distracts her way. And yes, the prize of all those war is nowhere to be found.

Lyra grabs my hand, “Let’s go, Rufus! You’re gonna love the Arena!”