September 30, 2013

Petrichor - Evaporation


It was Saturday night and the orphanage’s having a birthday party in the living room. One of my friends was adopted and decided to throw a farewell party that night. Their rich parents also joined, giving cakes and hundreds of presents for the orphans. While the party was going great and fun, I was sitting on the backyard, looking at the stars and counting them again. Every time one of my friends leaves the orphanage, one of the stars faded out of the sky.

The night wasn’t as pretty as usual. It started to rain and made me lost counting. I started to wait on the rain but it didn’t stop. I was beginning to feel an urge to cry. And yes, I cried. Cried heavily seeing all of my friends come and go and have a suitable loving home. When will I be adopted?

And suddenly he came. Under the heavy rain, he just stood there watching me cry. He didn’t do anything, he was only watching.

When I choked myself in my tears, he approached me and gave me a sunflower that he picked. “Are you crying because of the rain?”

I shook my head and tried to speak, “Why do you stand in the rain?”

He sat next to me and pointed the sunflower, “The sunflower will stop the rain. That’s why I picked it up. The rain will stop soon.”

And then we watched the rain falling from the night sky. I was still sobbing but then I felt sleepy. In a moment, I fell asleep with the sounds of the rain and the warmth of him by my side.

The next morning, he sat next to me when I woke up. He was eating an apple and just stared as I stretched my body and yawn heavily.

“Why are you here?” he blinked his eyes once as I looked at him closely.

He lends me his bitten apple, “Eat the apple. I picked it last night when you were lifted to the room.”

“It’s bitten. Are you new here?”

He nodded quickly and took another apple from the table, “I was found by Ms. Rue. I’m the one who used to bring papers every morning. I wasn’t accepted at the streets again so she brought me here.”

“You lived on the streets?” I took the apple and bite

He nodded again, “It’s quite cool actually. The wet rain, the cold nights, the black alleys, it’s pretty good.”

I watched him smiling as like he’s remembering all his nights back. I know what it’s so good of the streets: the feeling of knowing you have someone. I’ve been in the orphanage since I was a baby. No one knows my parents, I was found crying under a mailbox by the mailman and he brought him to this orphanage. Then I know one sure thing, my parents don’t want me. I have no one.

The next five years I grew along with him by my side. His name was Christopher, I called him Chris. Five years ago he was this skinny muddy boy. His freckled face will blush when he show me some apples he picked. His hazel hair always falls elegantly whenever he jumped off an apple tree. His eyes were as green as the meadow and his lips never stop smiling. Now, he’s still the same Chris. Only taller and more fit.

It’s his twelve birthday today, 31st October 2000. Since he doesn’t know when he was born, we decided the day we first met is his birthday. Ms. Rue said that he’s three years older than me which makes him twelve since I’m nine years old now. We never liked birthday parties. The only time we met Ms. Rue, Ms. Janet, and the other orphans are on breakfast time. After breakfast, the whole day is mine and his.

We decided to go to the waterfall on the nearest hill. We race through the hills and dance all we want. He whistled some tunes while I danced in the meadows. The sun scans our skin making us tired so fast. I fell down and lied on the oats. Chris then showed up and lied next to me.

“What does it feels to be twelve?” I asked him as he started to play with my hair.

“Age is just a number, Belle. I’m still going to pick you apples and work to Farmer Jim.”

I smirked a little, “I know. It’s just; don’t you want to do something else?”

“Why? You’re bored with apples? What do you want?”

“No,” I looked him in the eyes, “It’s just we’re the oldest now in the orphanage. I’ve been thinking, will someone ever want us? Will I find someone who wants me? Someone who tucks me in the bed like Ms. Janet does every night, which protect me when someone hates me, who knows that I love him as much as they love me. Don’t you want a parent, Chris?”

He looked at the sky and asked, “Aren’t we too old for parents, Belle?”

“I don’t think so. We’re still kids, we need parents.”

“Well, I only need you,” he started to play with my hair again, “You always tuck me in the bed after we sneak out to feed the horses. You always protect me when Ms. Rue finds out our secret apple storage. Why do I need a parent who’ll tell me what I should do?”

“We need someone who loves us!” I shouted out loud as I said those words, “Ms. Rue and Ms. Janet love everyone. I want a special love, someone who loves me for me.”

He stood up from where he lied and continue walking to the waterfall. I ran towards him shouting his names repetitively, hoping he will stop acting weird. What did I said wrong? He doesn’t love me, right? Why would he act so weird like that?

He stood in front of the waterfall and just stopped there. As I reach next to him, he just stares at the waterfall and doesn’t bat an eye to me.

“Chris! What are you doing? Why are you acting so weird?”

He grabbed both of my hands and didn’t say any word. My heart begins to beats fast as he stared through my eyes, looking for some calmness from all that shouting. I looked away to control the situation. I must not freak out as he hugged me tight like he didn’t want to let me go. We often hugged each other but this one was different. His warm body felt warmer. His arms around my body made me felt safer. He just won’t let me go. I don’t want to sound creepy but I don’t want him to let me go either.

The next day, I woke up finding Ms. Janet by my bed. She told me that a couple’s searching for me yesterday. She said that they’ll be coming in a couple of hours. This couple said they knew me on the market when I sell pies for our orphanage. I couldn’t remember which one are them since I met a lot of couple.

When they came, I remember them so much. They’re the one who gives me an extra dollar for the pie. I was so happy I delivered the pie into their car. Their names are William Cliff and Florence Cliff. I dressed in my best clothes I had: a short blue dress and black shoes with a black ribbon tying my hair. I was surprised they just hugged me when we met and confirmed that I’m the one. I’m so happy, now I have a family.

I packed my things as quick as possible. Chris then barge into my room and sleeps on my bed. I forget to tell him, I was so excited.

“Chris, I’m moving out. I have a family now,” I said as I sit next to him – ready to tell him the whole thing, “They are so nice. They’re caring and also loving me so fast. I have a parent now, Chris. Someone loves me now.”

He looked at me and said, “Good for you, Belle. I’m happy for you,” he half smiled to me and gave me another hug.

I felt something unusual, “You don’t seem happy. I’ll send letters to you, Chris. You won’t miss me! I’ll write everyday!”

He hugged me even tighter, “I don’t need your letters, I need you.”

I let off the hug and offer him my pinky, “I hereby pinky promise that you will always be by my side wherever you are.”

“Wait,” he laughs for a sec, “let me do the pinky promise. I hereby pinky promise that you will be the sunflower in the storm – you will be the odds when everything is even – you will be the rain, my favorite. I will know that you’re here, by my side, every time I smell the rain.”

I laugh out loud, “And I hereby pinky promise you the same thing, as long if it’s for us.”

I gave him another last hug, just to make him felt strong. He lifted my suitcase and put it in the garage of the car. I wave goodbye to Ms. Janet, Ms. Rue, the orphans, and him. He was just smiling to me. As I went further from the orphanage, I started to cry. I realized that I’m going to miss him more than he does.



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September 10, 2013



Hello. I'm sorry for the superlate post of Exiliens.
I'm here just to tell you guys about some cool information me and my friend been working on.
We're planning to clash our stories!

Keep reading guys, may Exiliens entertain you the way I hope!

Exiliens - 4


The sky is so blue. It’s a perfect time to die. But not like this.

Not with all the chaos I left for my parents.

No house, me skipping class, and probably my wrecked body on the land because of this 200.000 feet impact.

I close my eyes and empty my mind. Concentrate. Concentrate. Concentrate. I begin to feel the same wind blowing my bangs, like the ones at the hospital. Slow and tender. It thrills me off when the wind started to insolently blow my bangs up. I am not going back or neither slowing down. I am simply diving to gravity.

In a flash, I’m hanging in the air. I stopped. It’s a few feet away to the ground and I’m just hanging through the ground. Not flying, but hanging. Freezed in the air and paused in time.

“Is that so?”

This voice, it’s Herman! I looked all over the sky and I can’t find him floating anywhere.

“I’m in your head, kid. I suppose you forgot the homework I gave to you the last time we met.”

Sigh. Where are you? “Look down, kid. I’m at your house. Or land. You totally blow this thing off. Are you playing with Dani’s things?”

Who’s Dani? What do you mean? Can we just talk face-to-face rather you’re entering my head?

Suddenly, my body started to glow bright. I’m beginning to shine in pixels. The blue sky I saw was not there. It’s jumbled into pieces and returned to its place. The shattering sounds of those pieces complete the moments. When it’s set back, Herman is right in front of my face with his white coat and stereoscope. Behind his spectacles, I spot his black eyes shifting back to its true color.

“How dare you hang me up like that! And how on earth are you even here? You’re supposed to be at the hospital right now!”

He chuckles so hard, “You’re welcome, kid. You change a lot since the last time we met. A lot sketchy and less na├»ve. It’s okay, I can work with that.”

I roll my eyes and sit on the ground, “Where’s my house? Is that ping-pong ball an atomic bomb? Why am I not dead? Why’s there a brick floating on the sky? Who is this Dani you’re talking about?”

“You’re asking questions and you don’t even bother to ask what my superpower is. I’m going to take you to Mansio, I am annoyed by your behavior, kid.”

Herman grabs my hand and shouts some kind of spell. His eyes turn back to black. Thunder clouds started to show up above me. Jarring thunders deafen my ears. In some split seconds, we’re struck by the thunder and send my vision back to blackness.


“Welcome to Mansio, kid.”

I open my eyes and find myself in a complete different world.

It’s an island full of trees and surrounded by beach. White sands, blue sea, and pink sky. The gentle breeze also gives a calming touch. Beside the normal seaside view, the island itself is full of people, buildings and skyscrapers. Shortly, high-tech and rock metal. It’s like camp half-blood, only located on an island, have skyscrapers and I found no training site from my view. What can I say? It’s futuristic.

Herman leads me to the nearest skyscraper. I can hear him talking, but my entire mind think is the view. I spot a girl who’s absolutely blends into soil. She does a little jump once and just completely dives into the ground. All of her friends laughed as soon as she pulls one of them into the ground. The boy–who’s half drowned to the ground–hold his breath and started to puff himself. The ground started to crack as he bloats and jumped off the ground and lands on the land with a frog style. The liquid body girl and frog guy. Cool.

We entered the skyscraper, which’s only filled with strange buttons all over the wall and a tube in the middle. Herman walks around the room, pressing some of the buttons and ends his walk with a big red button near the entrance door. The tube started to make some hissing sounds. Now I get it, it’s a giant vacuum tube.

“Hop in, kid,” said Herman as he steps into the tube and being sucked to nowhere.

I smile, ran towards the tube, and literally hops into it. As my body’s being sucked into the tube, my body clashes with the tube sides. The walls of the tube chafed my elbow making blisters.

As I return to the surface, I’m like entering a throne. The walls of the room are painted shiny silver with a touch of blackness around the corners. The tiles are black and white and the ceilings are surrounded with some cloudy atmosphere. There are some big statues and high pillars on each corner. On my right and left, there’s a big table and cupboard stacked to the wall. In front of me lie five thrones with monks sitting on it. The monks wear red robe and a mask. It gives me chills and elegance at the same time.

“Vitiums, hereby stands Rufus Affandi–Michael Matyszczyk former self. Apologies, Vitiums. I need to give this Miles some time to know his power. He’s still in the memories of the impact when I found him in the first place. He has some questions to be asked to you, Vitiums. I will leave him at your hands.” Herman bows to the monks and disappear within thunders from the clouds.

One of the monks stood from his throne and speaks, “Welcome to Mansio, Rufus Affandi. You are now officially a listed Miles. Questions on your mind will be answered by Quattuor.”

Quattuor stoods up, “Miles Rufus Affandi. Mansio is a base camp of all mortal beings that discover their true powers. Your power, as you know it, is a reality wrapper. It’s one of the best powers of a Miles from Exiliens. This Mansio is divided into four sections, Muneris – this Skyscaper, Exiliens, Fugiens, and Album. You are a Miles from Exiliens, the leapers. Your powers are all connected to one center, the ground. Miles from Fugiens, the flyers, are all connected to the sky. All Miles are watched by Muneris, this Skyscraper and the centre of Mansio. All of the businesses are sorted here. Besides those three, the normal land is called Album. Please, make yourself like home as this is now your home, Miles Rufus Affandi. You are dismissed, please return to Exiliens.”

“Wait,” I breathe for a while, “What about my house? There was this ping-pong ball that blows my house off but not me! And suddenly Herman shows up and saves me with his thunders! Who are you people anyway?”

There was a moment of silence for awhile. Quattuor speaks again, “You are dismissed, Miles. Return to Exiliens immediately.”

“I am not going anywhere until somebody tells me the truth. Why do I have powers? What are all those clamors that used to bugs me a lot? Why this power does lead me to you guys? Who are you?”

Quattour lifts up his left hand and throws me to the tube. I’m send back to the first room I entered. As I went out the tube, I just lie down on the floor and watch the white ceilings. What the hell was that? Who do they think they are? I don’t know anyone here! How can I go home?

“Rufus? Is that you?”

I looked to the source of the voice and surprised. Lyra, that little skater girl.

“Welcome to the club, dude! We’re on the same house, Exiliens. You must’ve met Quattour, huh? Don’t worry he is hardhearted. In fact, he had no heart at all,” Lyra laughs and lie next to me.

“I suppose you’re here to ask my questions and sent by Herman, huh?”

“No! Are you a reality wrapper or a mind thunder?”

“What’s a mind thunder?”

Lyra sighs, “Mind thunder is like mind reading. In a split second you can read someone’s mind and it gives you power on thunders. There are a lot of alternatives actually: mind storm, mind eruption, and mind avalanche. They’re mind readers but with different powers of nature. Herman’s a mind thunder, I thought you knew.”

“Then why does he arrive on time before I crash the ground? And why am I not crashed because of that explosion? My house was blown up by an atomic ping-pong ball I found in my parent’s bedroom and I’m not even hurt a bit? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Whoa, wait–,” Lyra shook her head hard, “are you saying that you just flew to the sky like that? Not covered to the ground?”

“No. I was like bounced, you know. On a trampoline. Is that one of mind thunder’s power?”

“No. Mind thunder control minds not bodies. Then you must be it. The Magister. You, the double formed powers! You are not only belonging in Exiliens, you’re also a Fugiens! You bounce to the sky! You’re a flyer with leaper powers!”