July 01, 2013

Exiliens - 3


Reality wrapping really changes my whole life.

After getting out from the hospital, I went psycho. I use all my times wasteful and rewind it back to how it’s supposed to be. I broke all the car glasses with a baseball bat, get arrested, become famous on the news for a couple of hours, rewind, and become normal. I become crazy for a week and then normal. I always want to be like this: able to change time. With this power, I can make no mistake. No mistake means perfect. And my life is just so perfectless.

The first thing I do when I get out of the hospital is to go back to year 2012, the year where I dumped my girlfriend softly. Because now she’s acting like a bitch, I went back just to dump her hard. When the real case I was buying her lunch and said ‘I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore. You deserve a better guy;’ changes to me going to her class and shouting ‘I’m breaking up with you! You’re being weird and you will be a total bitch next year!’

It just feels good. And satisfying. I can do anything I want. Literally anything. To be honest, I tried to drink some booze at 7/11 using a fake ID I made the day before, and it taste weird. Bitter. It burns my throat but warms my stomach. Since I don’t like Alcohols and I’m doing this because of my curiosity, 2 gulps are enough. I threw the bottle to the glass door and rewind time to the first time I entered 7/11 to really buy some drink, not beer. I swear to myself I will never drink any Alcohols again.

It’s been a month since I’m using my powers for myself and it just feels like a year. Actually, it might be a year since when I’m not satisfied of what I did I will go back and do it again. It feels like really playing a game with an Autosaving mode. I’m drunk of this power. It’s felicitous.

Friday, 1st March 2013. I’m skipping classes again all day and hangout at my favourite place: home. My house is on a hill at Bogor and I love the atmosphere of it. Fresh air, free space and supreme silence. Plus, the neighbours here never minds other neighbours’ business.

I’m trying to paint right now in my parent’s room and I throw all the paints all over it. Mom and Dad are not home, they’re out of town having a second honeymoon at Bali. I give them 2 free holiday packages I won from a quiz at twitter just by mentioning the right name of some comic’s middle name. You do know how I won this quiz, right?

While painting my parent’s bed, I found a strange thing behind the pillows. It sizes of a ping-pong ball and made out of metal. I inspect the ball and find a small logo on the other side of it.  A half Moon and a half Sun with a triangle between them. Inside the triangle, there’s a thunder bolt and some kind of wand.

I figure out that this thing might be just some realistic sized up thing on a sci-fi movie, like a real light saber from Star Wars. It looks a bit scientific and I realize it’s really light-like a real ping-pong ball. Must’ve been Dad’s, I told myself. Who else collects sci-fi stuffs beside me in this house? I throw the ball to the wall and it didn’t bounce back like a normal ping-pong ball.

It blows my house off.

Paints squirting out of my brush when my pathetic body exhales out of the house. My heart beats fast as if it is also exhaled out of this body. I’m floating in the lucent blue sky filled with unpainted clouds. The heat of the sun burns my cheek and makes me squint my eyes. My aimless body soar as if I’m ejected from some kind of jetpack off the ground. Wait, I am ejected off the ground from an unidentified ping-pong ball. This seems humiliating but who knows the ball is an atomic bomb? That bomb flew me so high I could even hear an airplane coming through.

I’m enjoying the moment. With my powers, I extend the seconds. The sky is colourless and my brush’s ready to sketch the clouds. The sky is better than home. No wonder human being always dreams to fly up in the sky. Technically, I’m flying. My body floats and there’s gravity down there waiting to pull me back to the ground.

I was sketching an airplane that passed when some bricks floats up above my face and just falls off. My eyes trail that brick down to the ground and BAM! I can’t see it again through the clouds. Seeing that brick brings my mind back on, I’m too damn high from the ground. I can’t even see any land! All I can see is just luminous plain white clouds and transcendent blue sky.

Unconsciously, I weaken my power and bring back the real time. Gravity pulls me rapidly. In a brisk, I dive through the clouds and finally find out where I really am, about 200.000 feet off earth. I’ starting to plunge really fast and I begin to see some-land-which-is-supposed-to-be-my-house. The house’s all gone and so does some of my neighbours’. The hill is totally screwed.

Idiot! I’m going to die!

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