June 12, 2013




It's bit awkward to post and introduction since I made this blog a year ago.
I was at junior high school and maybe I made this blog because I was frustated or something. But now, I kinda miss it.

Currently, 5 of my friends just have blog this week and my reaction was like "Are you guys kidding me? I had that thing 4 years ago?!"

And a few minutes ago I was randomly searching myself and I found this blog, abandoned by myself with only two posts in it.

It hit me hard like a tsunami. I didn't delete all of my blogs?! All this time, the internet keeps this one little secret from me? Was I drunk when I made this blog? Did I have amnesia? What does even phosphene means?!

So I looked it up at the internet and phosphene is the color we see when we close our eyes. I don't know why I wrote that on my blog but it does sounds awesome.

By the way, I've graduated junior high school *yeaaaayy* and now I'm going to be a second grader in 70 senior high school or as known as XI grade or in asab kilab means aud.

Now let me get this straight, this blog is no longer a diary blog like what radityadika did or a mixed up blog like my 2 old blogs long ago. This, I hope, will be a pure a storyblog. I want all my inspiration and imagination written here. Before my first book launch, I want this blog to be the proof of my dignity and un-cowardness. I was a coward deleting my previous 2 blogs. There were so much great stories in it! Why did I delete it?!

Thank you internet, for the second chance.

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