June 14, 2013

Exiliens - 2



I tug his white coat as he leaves his room. Magically, I am now standing right behind him without any infusions attached. I don’t know how I do this but this just magically happens. The doctor smiles seeing me confuse. I shook my head to the bed and it looks neat. The pillows and infusions lie on the bed tidily. Did I just……….teleport?

“Confused, kid?” he guides me back to the bed.

I sit on the bed, “Was I teleporting myself? Is that my superpower?”

He took a deep breath and spills everything I want to know, “Something like that. Like I said, everyone have a superpower. Your power is controlling time. Without you notice, you change time as how you want it to be. You moved yourself from the bed by your power. How you always get good grades on math while you only learn for every math test the night before. You extend that night, kid. You hold the future and the past. You just don’t know it yet. And all that clamors? Those are the spells you cast on yourself. You cast it everyday and you don’t know how to do it so your inner self repeated it for you every night. It stops last night because you finally understand how to control it, like what you did just now.”

“What about the whisper?”

“It’s from your previous mother. You don’t remember her, don’t you?” he lies me down and put on my infusions, “Every mortal have previous lifes. The first ones usually attached the most. That whisper was from your first mother. You died in the Battle of Gettysburg 1863. You were running away from the Union and was about to cover yourself when you saw your mother killed by an anonymous bullet. You stroked the biggest power you’ve ever imagine and also died because of it. It was a massive hit and it threw you directly 100 years later when you made your own time machine as a man named Michael Matyszczyk. After your death in 1997, you were born as you. Rufus Affandi. While everyone had 6 or 7 lifes, you’ve only got 3. Lucky for you so I don’t have to explain four more history of your life.”

“So, I assume you’re my first father?”

“I was, kid, but now I’m your mentor. So we will keep it casual cause’ you’ve got your real father buying you breakfast now,” he puts on his spectacles and sits right beside me.

“Okay, Mr.…,” I read his nametag, “Herman Siregar. How come you’re an intern when I’m your son?”

He laughs, “Previous son, kid. I’m 25 years old now and you’re 15. We’re more like brothers.”

As he steps out of the room, I asked him one last question, “What about your power? What’s with the eyes?”

“That, kid,” he says as he closes the door, “is your homework to find out.”

The room starts to be stuffed with silence. I can only hear my own breath and my heart beats. I look out from my room’s window. Doctors, nurses, and people come and go. I tried to concentrate my mind to the window, trying to make people move slower then they were. 30 seconds, 40 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes… Nothing changes.

“He said I’m now capable to control my power. But how?”

Mom and Dad come into the room. They bring some wrappings-which I believe is food. And it is food, delicious nasi rames with some fried chicken. It smells so good and makes my stomach grumbles. Mom opened one and offered to feed me by herself. As I eat my first meal, Dad choked on his own hot tea and burped it all out. My left hand straights towards Dad as I shout a long ‘No’, as an exclamation of Dad’s digested tea falls to my legs.

And it happens.

Time stops. Dad’s tea vomit pauses in the air just a few inches above my legs. Mom’s face showing disgust while holding a spoon of nasi rames. I look over the window and found a nurse who’s in a rush also stops. The clock stops ticking. The blood in my body also stops. I can’t even hear my own heart beat. But I’m alive, and I can move.

I smile at myself, well done, Rufus! Now, you only need to know how to rewind time so Dad doesn't puke on you.

I straighten my left hand and shout, “Go Baaack!”

Nothing happens.

Then, I try all the poses of every fiction character I know. Professor X, Spiderman, Spock, Magneto, Iron Man, Winnie the Pooh, nothing works! How?! How can I rewind time? I spoke to myself again; I stop time accidentally because I don’t want Dad vomiting on me. Why can’t I rewind it? What did I miss? Gesture? I’ve done Winnie the Pooh style! What can go wrong?


I look at the source of the voice. A little girl, probably aged 6 or 7, with a ponytail hair stands in the corner playing on her iPhone. She wears a pink shirt, jeggings, and a rollerblade. Her eyes don’t moves a bit from her iPhone. From the sound, looks like she’s playing Subway Surfers.

She speaks again, “You need a will. A goal, a strong one.”

“And you are?” I took off my infusion and approach her to the corner.

She pause her game and lends her hand, “A reality wrapper, just like you.”

I accept her handshake, “Rufus,” I said, “Lyra.”

“Look, you need to focus on your target. Know what you want. If you’re sure of it, use your power. When using it, you can make some geeky poses you want, like how I do,” she said as she slides and does a triple back flip and dissolves into the thin air.

Immediately, I close my eyes and throw all of my thoughts away. What’s left in mind is just the time when Herman goes out of my room. Slowly, I feel some winds blowing my bangs. I was lifted in the air for a moment and spins in time. One of the clamor flew right through my ear; Me avolare reverterentur.

Slowly, I open my eyes and found myself lying on my bed. The room’s still empty and the door was still shaking as if someone just closed it. I look over the window and saw Herman passes by. I smiled to myself, I’m a reality wrapper.

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