June 14, 2013

Exiliens - 1


Run. Run and be safe, my son.

I open my eyes and frown. This dream is starting to make me insane, I told my self so. It's the same dream for months and I'm starting to hate this dream. It was never clear. Only darkness and clamors surrounds it. A few moments later, a pliable whisper of a woman snaps those clamors through silence and wakes me  up violently. Run. Run and be safe, my son.

At first, it frightened me. I rushed to the basement and locked myself in there. That whisper. That horrible whisper. It bothered my nerves off. I was shaking so bad I couldn't even straighten up my body. I was just crouching until my mom yells for breakfast. Hearing her voice makes me calm and suddenly all those fears vanished. I've done this for 4 months and for the past 2 weeks I'm tired of it. Tired of running and shivering from fear. Tired of myself being such a sissy.

I sit and relax myself to the wall behind my bed. The wall’s so cold like ice. When it touches my back, I felt it. Those clamors were back. All those clamors suddenly creak through my ear lobe like a thunder parts the cumulonimbus cloud. It blows my head off. It was like ten thousand people on my room screaming languages I don’t understand right through my ears. Those high pitches tones. Those horrible angers of men. Nothing sounds worst then these clamors. This is the sound of Hell.

I started to squeak on myself. Make it stop. Please make it stop, I beg myself. I roll allover the bed and starting to sing some random tunes. It doesn’t work. It just keeps getting louder and scarier.

Then all of the sudden, that pliable whisper sets the entire room to silence: Run. Run and be safe, my son. It echoes for a moment and disappears.

Liquids starting to fall from my eyes. I shout all my hearts out. I cry on my knees. I am completely being insane right now.

Mom and Dad then bang on my door. She screams my name every 5 seconds. Without hesitating, I unlock the door and then fall off to the ground. Mom and Dad come in and keep calling my name and shakes on my body. I tried to tell them I’m a total mess but my lips won’t move. I’ve just realize, my whole body can’t move. I can’t even blink. I can only hear and see my mom shouting or probably mouthing my name. Slowly, she fades out to small pixels and flew away to the dark.


Run. Run and be safe, my son. And don't you ever come back.

I wake up smiling now. No more clamors. Just that pliable whisper that calms my nerves. Strangely, there are some more words after that whisper: And don't you ever come back. I know it’s a horrible dream but I keep questioning myself, why it stops now? All this time it ruins half of my soul and suddenly it stops. Why?

“Thank God you’re awaken, Rufus. I’m worried sick seeing you faint in my arms like a dead robot! Don’t you ever do that again okay..”

I smiled to Mom, “It’s the dream, Mom. I guess yesterday was the climax. I’m just glad it’s over.”

“It’s over?” she seems surprise, “Well, it’s good for you then. You don’t have any dreams related to that dream again, Rufus?”

I nod, “No more. Just a good sleep.”

“Trust him, Dri. He’s 15 years old. He’s capable of himself. He’s fine. Come on Dri, let’s get some breakfast for us,” dad puts on his sneaky yet trustable smile.

Mom laughed, “I’m just so happy you’re finally healing from that odd dream,” she kissed my forehead and whispers, “And you’re finally not disturbing my morning and save a lot of money from that therapist.”

“Goodbye Mom!” I push her a bit far from myself and giggle a bit.

When Mom and Dad walked out of the room and a doctor came in to check on me, I’m just so relieved. I don’t know why but their existence become pressure for me. It just comes out of nowhere but I recently realized that I don’t trust them anymore. Mom’s voice who always calms me down suddenly makes me feel……prisoned.

“How are you, kid?” asked the doctor who’ve just done checking on my blood pressures.

“I’m confused. What about you, sir?”

He chuckles, “Why are you confused? You seemed happy with your parents back then.”

“I don’t know! I’m just so confused I don’t even know how to act in front of them. They’re just so…weird. What do you think?”

The doctor puts his board on my legs and looks me in the eyes, “I’m thinking that you’re thinking they’re weird because you’re the one whose acting weird while we both know that you’re not weird. So now I’m reading your mind that it’s all because that dream stops but the whisper continues and you’re confused how I can read your mind. How’s that?”

“W-what, h-how you do that? Is it some kind of doctoral stuff?” I choke on my own words as the doctor keeps looking in my eyes.

He stops staring, picks up the board and take off his spectacles, “No, it’s not kid. It’s my superpower. Everyone have one. You have one too.”

“How could you tell?” I asked him while he’s going out of my room.

He glances over his shoulders to me. I can’t see his face clearly that way but when his hazel eyes slowly shifts to black I’m glad he didn’t show me all his face. He answered, "Because I am your father, kid.”

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