March 08, 2012



Things are getting quiet fast eh?

Just for the first word of 'welcome' maybe you guys are a bit confused. Like, "What the hell is she talking? It's her first post, idiot!" or else. Well that's how I feel today actually. So this blog is just like another diary that's posted to the internet and everybody can see it *radityadika

First of all, without further ado, my name is Winona. I am Indonesian and I'd love to learn Mandarin. I got 2 sisters, and I'm the eldest one. I love to do anything, so email me if you really wanna know what I can do (?)

Back to my post. Things are getting quiet fast eh?

I am a Junior High School student and this is my final year. God damn I need to work hard for my National Exams. It's coming nearer every second and forcing me to study all those knowledges that sometimes aren't pretty important for my life.

Next week is my final Try Out. It's gonna be big and tiring. The score of the Try Outs are also written on the Certificate of Graduation and I got no idea about my last Try Out. That's why I'm preparing the last one to be so damn great.

And, believe it or not, after Try Out, there'll be End-Term Test. and the next week's gonna be the End-School Test. Then there's gonna be some Practical Tests and remedial for the next week. AND THEN, THE NATIONAL EXAM.

I got goosebumps every time people asked me 'Ready for the NE (National Exam)?' Honestly dude, I'm not ready! I haven't even started! Gosh, where the hell I've been for the past 3 years?!

But never mind, I can handle it. I got everything under control. My emotions are okay. I'm studying in my free times. I lend my phone to my mom. I even sleep every 2AM! What can go wrong, huh?

Fortunately, anything can go wrong. I'm a teenager, and teenager got the most absurdest interest, taste, sense, feeling and life in the whole species of living things in this whole world!

Life's a choice, right? So all I need is just to keep moving forward and do my best. Let god do the rest.

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