March 22, 2012

Crashed? (Gempa Buatan)


This happens last friday, 16th March 2012.No kidding. No imagination.

It’s Friday and eventually my class finished at 12. It’s kinda special today, since we only study History and learn how to make up (by the way, this is not for me. I don’t understand make ups.) Unfortunately I got some Wushu practice at 4 and I am so damn lonely cause everybody’s gone. Some of them gone home, some gone to their courses, some are having fun, and some are preparing for a Movie Night that night. Since I’m a 9th grader, I don’t have to join it. Actually, I’d love too but it starts after Isya and I’m not sure if my mom let’s me since at Saturday I got same Saturday-School-Course.

Since I am so damn bored, I talked to Ms.Rini, my History teacher, to teach me more after Dzuhur. She agreed and I’m a bit happy. BUT STILL I’M LONELY. My Wushu mate, Fulki, is gone home too. I totally need a friend.

Luckily there’s Vita, Fulki’s classmate. I borrowed her phone to chat with Ricko, my other Wushu mate. He’s not coming to school today so I convinced him that he missed History a lot and told him to join the History Class with me around 2. Thank god he wanted to come. Not lonely anymore. Ricko is a super noisy guy (random people saying.) Even though it’s true, I prefer he’s a great friend. And he’s a nasty one too.

And when the clock strikes at 1, I checked at Ms.Rini to tell her that I got a friend. Guess what? She’s sleeping. I cannot wake her up. Firstly, she’s a teacher, an adult. Secondly, she looks kinda ill that day. Thirdly, there’s other teachers who’s also sleeping in the same room-__-.

So I’d like to check on Ricko first. Since Vita’s gone for about an hour, I called him from the school’s phone. Before, he gave me his number cause I’ve told him that I didn’t bring my phone. Wanna know his number? Its 0818918775 (I memorized it huh-_-)

Called Ricko and he said that he’s on his way. Checked Ms.Rini and thankfully she’s woke up. I told her about Ricko and she’s fine with it. Checked Ricko again, he’s arrived and the lesson starts.

Ricko’s History teacher is Mr.Syafrizal. He’s also the headmaster of the Secondary. During the lesson, Ms.Rini’s very confused of him because he didn’t get any kind of exercise paper from Mr.Syafrizal. But she also knows that as a headmaster, Mr.Syafrizal is also busy. No wonder sometimes he came to Ricko’s class late.

As I remember, Mr.Syafrizal never became as busy as Ricko and Ms.Rini’s stories. In the 8th grade, my History teacher was him too. He always come to my class on time, finished the class in a long time, talked about many things, and very care to my class. What I hear now is the opposite of what I know. Well, time flies and people change, don’t they?

Bad news, Ms.Rini can’t teach us until 4. The lesson finished at half 3. I and Ricko were a bit bored so I asked him if he wanna grab something to eat. He said yes and taking me to 7/11. While waiting him, I met one of my Wushu mate, Mr.Dedy. He told me and Ricko that the practice starts at half 5.

When riding on Ricko’s motorcycle, I felt that he’s riding it too damn fast. Told him too slow a bit and he answered “Gue selow kok.” Just put this -____- emoticon on my face and carry on. As long as the ride, while holding Ricko’s Skateboard, I just pray to Allah to gave me a long life. I haven’t told my mom about this. I know she won’t let me so I just gone without her permission. And Ricko only got one helmet, and he’s wearing it. So actually it’s kinda risky but I trusted in Ricko that time, I don’t know why. I hoped to god, all the way, that I’ll be fine in my way.

Maybe god’s pretty mad at me and wanna give me some life time experience. So…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………I crashed.

Well, definitely, Ricko crashed. He was about to make a turn to a path across the road. But he cancelled the turn cause there’s too much public-transport. He went a bit metre forward, making a U-Turn. He curved carefully and slowly. And then, we were crashed. Actually I’ve got a bad feeling sinc the first try but I just keep praying to Allah. We were crashed by another motorcycle, in the opposite way. I was shocked and I also fell. My uniform was almost torn and I can’t move my head, back, neck, and elbow ( I can move it actually. Only it hurts a lot. Until now.) Luckily my brain was reflected. When the motorcycle almost fall on me I jumped and standing up holding Ricko’s Skateboard as some kind of holding stick.

I was panic. Damn panic. I saw Ricko half-body-under his motorcycle. I asked if he’s okay and he just nodded slowly. My body was a bit paralyzed and it feels like I’ve lost half of my life. Suddenly, the guy who crushed us and a man helped Ricko to get up. I was so damn surprised that the man is MR.SYAFRIZAL.
In my school, to meet the guys is prohibited. Yes, it’s haram and forbidden. It’s the same meaning actually. Can you guess how would the headmaster react knowing that a guy and a girl, on the same motorcycle, crushed, going somewhere, wearing a uniform? Yes. You do know how I feel that time.

I hid myself at a car who’s parking in front of a furniture shop. The guy in the shop was watching Ricko and me. EVERYONE’S THERE IS WATCHING RICKO AND ME. Damn. I just watched Ricko talked to Mr.Syafrizal through the car’s glass. Then Mr.Syafrizal asked Ricko who he’s with and he points at me. I shook my head hard but ricko just lip saying that it’s alright. So I meet Mr.Syafrizal and he’s surprised too.
He asked me, “Winona ada hubungan apa sama Ricko. Kok bisa berduaan begini, emang mau kemana?” Ricko answered, “Mau kesana Stad.” And I only said, “Iya Stad, mau ke tempat les Ricko.”

Luckily Mr.Syafrizal only nodded. Ricko asked him where was he and where’s he going and he said he’s from Cawang coming back to school. And then he said goodbye and leave. Then Ricko asked me that am I fine or not. I told him that my elbow hurts but its okay. So we continued our ride to 7/11.

Arrived there, Ricko forced me to tell him which one hurts. I showed him and he just laughed. He said to me that he’s fine and a bit surprised that it was Mr.Syafrizal who helped him.

“Pas gue lagi jatoh tiduran gitu, ada yang bilang ‘Dek, gapapa dek?’ Trus gue liatin mukanya kok kayak kenal. Eh taunya Syafrizal. Ahahahaha, anjir gue kaget win. Elu langsung mundur ke belakang mobil gitu, haha, santai aja kali sama Syafrizal Win. Dia mah baik.”

“Ya kan tapi tetep Koh ntar dia ngelapor ke nyokap gue gimana? Gue aja belom izin sama nyokap pergi. Dia kan suka baik ngelaporin gitu ke nyokap gue. Jadinya gue takut aja Koh.”

“Santailah Win. Ntar disekolah aja lo ngomong ama Syafrizal jangan ngasihtau ke nyokap lo. Eh tadi lo keren amat gak jatoh ketiban gitu malah diri elunya ngeliatin gua.”

“Iya gue juga heran sendiri gue bisa diri gimana caranya. Gue pokoknya lemes deh Koh. Mana sikut gue perih. Sakit Koh, sakit.”

“Sakit Win?”


“Sakit banget?”

“Iya, banget. Pokoknya gue gegar otak tanggung jawab yah.”

“Enggaklah. Tapi kok lucu sih gue gak kenapa-napa, motor gue baik-baik aja, tapi elu sikutnya luka gitu.”

“Tadi kegesek aspal dulu gue Koh. Baru gue loncat berdiri. Ya gitudeh. Eh lo jajanin gue ye.”

“Dih kok gitu Win?!”

“Eh Koh tadi sakit loh Koh. Sakit banget.”

“Iya udah gue jajanin. Lu ambil aja.”

I took a medium Slurpee, just like Ricko. He offered me some food. As his forgiveness to me, I assumed. But I didn’t take anything more. Told him that I’ll take what he takes and he didn’t take anything. He was a bit forcing me, telling that he got lots of money. Still I don’t take anything. I know something’s going to be bad again. And damn it’s true. He only brought 50.000IDR. My feelings are so accurate.

“Wah untung lo gak ngambil makanan Win. Duit gue cuman selembar.”

“Apa gue bilang. Feeling gue bener hahaha. Eh iya lo trus makan apadong koh? Katanya lo belom makan.”

“Emang belom makan. Trus mau gimana?”

“Lo laper beneran Koh?”


“Sebenernya gue bawa nasi kuning sih…”


“Tawa lu. Mau gak lo?”


“Yaudah ambil sendok gih sono. Ambilin gue juga.”

Yes, I brought nasi kuning for lunch. Yes, I know it is lame for teenagers like me. Yes, I know we ate it together. Yes, I know that’s not cool and not sweet. Oh, and yes, Ricko didn’t take a spoon for me. By the way, he was still a bit concerned that I’m fine or not.

“Win, itu lukanya lo cuci aja.”

“Ah entar deh. Perih Koh.”

“Ya gue sih khawatir aja. Tadi pas jatoh gue jujur kaget. Gue udah pelan-pelan gitu kan eh di tabrak. Gue sih 
khawatirnya ya pertama elu anak orang. Ntar kalo lo kenapa-napa kan gue yang tanggung jawab sama ortu lo. Trus kedua motor gue. Rusak apa enggak. Gue takut aja spionnya patah gitu atau kenapa. Gue gak mikirin diri gue sendiri, jujur. Eh tiba-tiba ada Syafrizal ahahahahaha..”

“Iya udah tenang aja, gue gak kenapa-napa kok.”

We enjoyed the evening laughing about the accident, talking about Melia Nature, worrying about time and a Furry Monster, and waiting Denny-____-. That guy suddenly wants to come here. Ricko told him to come because he didn’t have the money for the parking lot. But we waited for him like almost an hour so we just went back to school cause it’s almost 5.

Before arriving at school, I was so damn panic. My mother’s car was in front of the school. So I told him to drop me far away from the school. He did so. And waited for me too arrived at school first then him (I don’t know if he waited or too busy talking to a senior.)

Arrived at school, my youngest sister told me that mom’s looking for me and also Fulki. Wow. First I met mom and tell to her that I was at class, sleeping (No, I don’t lie. I only lied to Mr.Syafrizal. I was sleeping in the class. Only after that I wake up to study History.) Then, I searched Fulki and Shifu Kholik, the Wushu Master. Both of them are nowhere to be found. Then I met Mr.Syafrizal and told him to please don’t tell what happened to my mom. He said he won’t tell to my mom, only to my dad-_-. Kak Ihsan also asked me that are we practicing that day or not. I said yes and he told me to search for the Shifu. I asked RIcko did he saw Fulki or not but he said, “Lah gue baru nyampe nih Win. Jangan tanya gue lah.” Damn Rick, I know. I was just ‘basa basi’ in front of my sister.

At last I found Shifu Kholik and we practiced. Then Fulki came and shouting out loud to me. I told her everything and she just laughed hearing my story.

The practice’s over and we three were just playing with targets. We asked kak Ihsan to kick about 2 metres high, he aced it. And when it’s Ricko’s part? He’s dancing not kicking-_-. Well at least he touched the target.
Then we asked each of us to do some kickings. Me and Fulki aced it, cause we’re Tae Kwons. Ricko? At least he can kick well, I admit. I asked him to kick as tall as he is. He could kick it well, with his left leg. I told him to do it with the right leg. Well, he do it, he kicked it, but then he fall to the ground-_-. Gempa Buatan. Just like in the History.

Everyone at the hall was looking at him. Mr.Azure asked him that if he’s fine and then continued his training. Fulki and me? We were laughing so hard seeing Ricko fall. Especially me. I’ve seen him fall in a panic way and now in a funny way. How cute.

“Apes banget gue hari ini. Udah jatoh 3 kali. Pertama dijalan, kedua pas main Skateboard tadi sama Bobby, ketiga tadi. Udah pas banget itu mah badan gue tinggal tulang semua.”

Poor Ricko. I pity on him. May all those falling stuffs makes his body became six-pack just as he wished. Good luck Koh, looking forward for you buying me Slurpee again:D

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